IKEA gift cards and vouchers

IKEA is a Swedish furniture and contemporary living store known for its affordable self-assembly furniture. The company has over 460 stores worldwide and has gained a huge following with budget-conscious home and business owners.

IKEA furniture is inspired by the stylish simplicity of Nordic design principles. All products are imagined and crafted to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every one of IKEA’s over 9,500 products is individually named, demonstrating the company’s commitment to unique design solutions.

Despite IKEA’s global reach, the company is committed to sustainability and renewability. Since 2015 IKEA has only sold energy-saving LED light bulbs that can last for up to 20 years. The company only uses responsibly sourced cotton in its products and is committed to ensuring that all of its wood comes from sustainable sources.

IKEA is ranked as the seventh most valuable retailer globally with a valuation of almost $10 billion.


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Yes, IKEA gift cards are available in both digital and physical formats. With over 9,500 products on sale, an IKEA gift card is the perfect gift. An IKEA gift card is a great way to say thank you, show someone you care or reward your employees. Just choose the amount you want to give and let the recipient make their choice online, in-store, or use it to pay for one of IKEA’s interior design advice services.

In theory, both digital and physical cards do the same thing, but with a couple of minor differences.

Digital Gift Cards

  • Can be used in an IKEA store and online
  • Are delivered instantly for free via email
  • Are easy and safe to use

Physical Gift Cards

  • Can be used in an IKEA store and online
  • Can be bought online and delivered to your home
  • Can be bought from an IKEA store

Physical IKEA gift cards can be purchased directly in all IKEA stores. Along with digital gift cards – which are delivered by email – physical gift cards can also be purchased online and come in denominations from €5 to €1,000.

You can use an IKEA gift card when shopping at an IKEA store, online at, or through the downloadable IKEA app. Gift cards can also be used to pay for the company’s interior design advice and home interior design service.

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