Netflix gift cards and vouchers

For years people dreamed of the concept of movies on demand, then Netflix made it a reality. Netflix is the premier streaming service that presents a vast offering of movies, award-winning TV shows, documentaries, anime, and children’s programming on internet-connected devices.

With a Netflix subscription, you can choose to watch as much as you want, whenever you want, without limitation, and more importantly without the annoyance of commercial advertisements. For one low-priced monthly subscription, you can delve into strange new worlds of fantasy, drama, history, science fiction, comedy, and other entertainment genres.

A Netflix subscription allows users to sign in and watch anytime they want from their personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, streaming media player, or game console. Users can also download their favorite shows and movies with iOS, Android, or Windows apps to watch later without an internet connection.


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You can use your points to get gift cards from Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Domino’s Pizza, Sixt, Uber Eats, Primark, Adidas, PlayStation, and thousands of other online stores, or use your points to donate to charity, or you can even convert them to cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

Before we start, Netflix gift cards are not available to purchase in every country. However, where they are available, gift cards can be purchased at various retail outlets and online at the Netflix main website.

To redeem your Netflix gift card, you’ll first need to go to If you have a physical card, you can find the card’s code by scratching off the foil blocking on the back of the card. For digital cards, your code will be in the accompanying email, or for other options, the code will be printed on the purchase receipt. Guard it carefully whichever you have.

Enter the code and select the ‘Redeem’ button. Enter the email address of the account or open a new account. Once you’ve confirmed your information is correct you can immediately proceed to ‘Start Watching’ or to ‘Start Membership.

It’s possible to redeem more than one gift card at a time. Just like the regular redemption process, you’ll first need to log in to and log in. For each gift card that you add to your account, your balance will increase accordingly. You can check your live balance anytime you want in your Netflix account’s settings > Billing Details page.

The good news is yes, you can redeem a Netflix gift card purchased in another country, if the gift card is in the same currency as your Netflix account. Euros with Euro accounts, dollars with dollar accounts, etc.

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