monetha-logo gift cards and vouchers is an online shopping center where customers have access to a huge range of goods from a host of well-known brands and retailers. The online stores boast more than 2 million items and cater to about 150 million customers per year in five languages. With such a huge range of goods, you can find everything from electronics and home furnishings to fashion items and health goods.

In 2021, the company opened its largest store in the Baltic States in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. The shop stocks more than 10,000 products and offers a ‘Drive-in’ pick-up point. The retailer also offers a fast and convenient home delivery system. also lets its customers pay by card, by bank transfer, by cash, crypto, or even in installments. Along with a delivery service, Pigu also offers an in-store pick-up service. The company is constantly investing in various solutions that attempt to improve both the seller’s and the buyer’s overall retailing and shopping experience.


The simple answer is yes, you can get free gift cards.

Here’s how to do it.

Download the free Monetha app and sign up. 

Monetha is an online shopping rewards platform where you collect points for shopping online. You can then use your points to get free gift cards. It’s that easy.

You can use your points to get gift cards from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Zara, TK Maxx, River Island, Marks and Spencer, and thousands of other online stores, or use your points to donate to charity, or you can even convert them to cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB. have two types of gift cards/vouchers for customers to choose from. Firstly, there’s the gift voucher and then there’s the Leisure gift voucher. The main difference between them is that the store gift card lets the recipient choose from the store’s full range of goods and choose what they want, and the Leisure card offers different types of entertainment from fine dining to relaxing spa experiences.

Yes, does offer e-gift cards. This lets you buy and give a gift instantly for those last-minute work occasions or forgotten birthdays or anniversaries. Gift cards can be purchased directly from the website and are delivered as e-gifts instantly once your order and payment has been verified. If you prefer, Pigu will deliver a physical gift card directly to a requested address, or the card can be printed from your email and hand-delivered by you.

Unusually for online retailers, lets you use your gift cards even during promotions, sales, and during discount events. This lets you save even more money using your gift card.

Pigu already has a range of pre-priced gift cards in various denominations. You can purchase a gift card for any amount you want between €10 and €250. If you want a voucher valued at more than €250 you can buy multiple vouchers or gift cards to make up the amount you need.

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