Sainsbury’s gift cards and vouchers

With more than 600 supermarkets, and over 800 convenience stores Sainsbury’s is one of the best-known family grocery outlets in the UK.

Founded on the original idea of providing good food at affordable prices to everyone, the same idea is still as important today as it was in 1869.

Sainsbury’s is also committed to sustainability and providing cleaner, healthier food regardless of the size of our pockets. One of Sainsbury’s goals is to improve customers health by providing nutritious, homecooked, and sustainable food.


Imagine being able to get a free Sainsbury’s gift card. It’s possible you know.

You’ll need to download the Monetha app and sign up to get a free Sainsbury’s gift card. Monetha is an online shopping rewards platform where you collect points for shopping online. You can then use your points to get free Sainsbury’s gift cards. You can also get gift cards from hundreds of other top global stores using the Monetha app.

You can also use your points to get gift cards from ASOS, Homesense, Argos, IKEA, eBay, and thousands of other online stores, donate your points to charity, or convert them to cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

Sainsbury’s sell both gift cards and eGift cards that can be used by anyone to purchase products from all Sainsbury’s store – including TU Clothing and Homeware and in all Sainsbury’s coffee shops. Physical gift cards may only be used in-store and not online. eGift cards can be used for any purchase online and offer maximum convenience as they can be bought and delivered instantly by email.

Firstly, gift cards can be purchased in any Sainsbury’s store. You’ll find them on designated stands in all Sainsbury’s stores. You can choose the design you want and load the card with any amount between £1 and £750.

Whether you shop online or in-store you can choose from thousands of grocery products, health and beauty items, small furnishings, and homecare. You can also use your card in TU Clothing and Homeware stores, and at all Sainsbury’s coffee shops.

While you can use a Sainsbury’s gift card to purchase thousands of groceries and other products, there are a few things you can’t spend your gift card on.

  • Sainsbury’s Gift Cards and eGift Cards
  • Sainsbury’s fuel payment cards
  • Sainsbury’s eGift cards
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