Swarovski gift cards and vouchers

The Swarovski brand name is known right around the world, especially for its ultra-fine crystal jewelry. There are many superlatives used whenever Swarovski is mentioned; luxurious, precious, exquisite, and high-quality are but a few. So, what makes Swarovski such a sought-after brand?

Through a crystal cutting process invented and patented by Daniel Swarovski in 1892, the Czech-born Austrian glass cutter started a love affair that has already been passed from hand to hand through 5 generations. The company now employs over 34,000 workers across various products, from jewelry and chandeliers to glass sculptures, home décor, rhinestones, and delectable trinkets.

Swarovski crystals are neither gemstones nor crystals but a form of glass that has been created using the finest quality materials and a patented process. The process and the exact raw materials have remained a company secret since its discovery.


A Swarovski gift card is an extravagant gift of luxury, style, and elegance. The gift card allows the receiver to choose a personal gift from an artfully crafted range of jewelry, home décor items, pens, watches, and ornate miniatures.

Swarovski gift cards can be purchased in value from €50 to €200 and have the benefit of no expiry date, meaning the recipient doesn’t have to hurry to choose their tiny trinket of perfection.

Swarovski gift cards can be purchased online here and your gift may be sent either digitally – by email – or by traditional mail. You can also choose your own design for the gift card. However, remember that gift cards can only be redeemed in the same country where it was issued, or from a country using the same currency.

It’s easy to check the remaining balance on your Swarovski gift card; here’s how.

Go to the Swarovski gift card page online and do the following:

  • Go to the bottom of the page to the ‘Already have a Gift Card’ section > ‘Check the status of your Gift Card’
  • Click on ‘Check Balance’
  • Insert your card number on the new page in the ‘Card Number’ section
  • Click the button ‘Check Balance’

If you’re having trouble using your voucher or gift card, try the following.


  • Voucher numbers should be entered on the shopping bag page

If the voucher is still not accepted check the following:

  • Is the voucher still in-date
  • Is the item being purchased excluded in the T&Cs
  • Check if the voucher is valid for online purchases
  • You are not entering a 16-digit voucher code

Gift Cards

Gift cards are entered during step 3 of the checkout process. If the card is still not being accepted check the following.

  • The 16-digit code is being entered correctly
  • The correct PIN number has been applied
  • You are not entering a money-off or discount code
  • You can only redeem 1 gift card per order

There are still thousands of perfect gifts to choose from in the Swarovski range. However, from time to time some items may be omitted for various reasons.

Gift cards cannot be used to purchase an item as part of a Sale or Promotion. Also, combining vouchers with other discounts or product vouchers is not possible.

Other exclusions are the following: gift cards, annual and limited editions, the Swarovski Remix Collection, SCS Products, and special sculptures such as the Crystal Myriad collection.

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