Target gift cards and vouchers

Target is a US retail institution as American as apple pie. The general merchandise retailer has a presence in every US state with almost 75% of Americans living within a 10-mile radius of a Target store. Target department stores stock everything from homeware, electronics, clothing, toys, beauty products and cosmetics, baby goods, and a lot more.

Target is the 4th largest retail outlet in the US with over 1,800 physical stores. The company works on the principle of providing exceptional value across a range of retailing formats that cover discount and moderate-priced outlets and complete department stores to a full-service online retail platform.

Its premier status in the marketplace means that Target’s main rivals are giant companies like Walmart and Amazon, but a focus on providing what customers want and how to get it to them has continued to assist the retailer in maintaining its stature in the US retail sector.


Because Target is one of the most accessible general retailers in the US, free target gift cards are highly sought after.

But how do you get free Target gift cards?

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You can also use your points to get gift cards from eBay, Home Sense, Nike, TK Maxx, Rituals, GameStop, PlayStation, Mothercare, and thousands of other online stores, or to donate to charity, or you can even convert them to cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

Target gift cards can be purchased in-store, on the company’s official website, and in the gift departments of other major retailers.

In-store you can buy a Target gift card at any checkout. These cards can be purchased in denominations between $5 and $500.

Cards purchased online on the website or in the Target app can be physical, mobile Target gift cards, or Target e-Gift cards. These can be purchased in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, and $200 – it is also possible to purchase cards in custom values up to $2000.

To use a Target gift card, you’ll need to access the card’s unique code number. To locate the code, you’ll need to remove the security strip on the back of the card. Next, you’ll need to access your Target account on the Target website – target.com. Go to the Account/Name section, select Gift Cards, find the card you want to use, and select Get Access Number, once you’ve done that the Target gift card access code will be forwarded to the email associated with your Target online account.

Target gift cards can be redeemed in any Target store or through the Target online retail platform.

Target cards can be used to do the following:

  • Make purchases at Starbucks outlets within Target stores
  • Make purchases in CVS Pharmacies within Target stores
  • Make purchases in physical Target Optical stores

Target gift cards can’t be used to:

  • Make RedCard payments
  • Purchase gift cards from Mastercard, Visa, and American Express
  • Purchase iTunes gift cards
  • Purchase any specialty gift cards
  • Purchase Target gift card
  • Online at Target Optical (can only be used in-store)

Additionally, up to 10 Target gift cards can be used per transaction online. However, there is no limit on the number of cards that can be used to make a purchase in-store. A target.com online account is necessary to redeem mobile and email gift cards both in-store and online.

The good news is that Target gift cards never expire or lose their value with time.

Mobile Target Gift Card – A Mobile Target gift card is sent to the owner via a mobile phone number. Just select a value for your gift card and the card will be sent by text message to the recipient. You can also schedule delivery for any time up to three months after the initial order has been placed.

Target e-Gift Card – The Target e-gift card is a digital gift card sent directly to a designated email address. Like the Mobile gift card, just select the card’s value, include your own custom message, and within 4 hours the card will be sent directly to the recipient’s email address – or you can choose a date for delivery within three months.

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