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Asics X Andersson Bell Gel-Sonoma 15-50

Looking for a high-tech sneaker that’s uber comfy and super stylish? Here it is, the Asics X Andersson Bell Gel-Sonoma. We bet it’s impossible for your feet to get tired in these shoes, even on the longest trek or run.

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Product details

Asics Gel-Sonoma 15-50 is a stylish sneaker model that has earned its name historically thanks to its durability and comfort during outdoor activities. Its precisely crafted midsole hides cushioning gel technology for gentle contact with the ground, as well as a rugged outsole that’s grippy enough to rely on on a variety of terrains. The breathable upper material ensures a comfortable fit, while the reinforced toe provides additional protection. And covering it all is a beautiful outdoor aesthetic with premium potential, which has also received official validation.

In fact, in early 2023, the Asics Gel-Sonoma 15-50 sneakers gained further recognition thanks to a collaboration with French fashion house A.P.C. and Korean label Anderson Bell. The result is a line of stylish and functional sneakers that are popular with fashionistas and sneakerheads as well as outdoor enthusiasts. So explore the Asics Gel-Sonoma 15-50 range and let their charm work its magic on you.



Textile: is a lightweight material, which is offered in a very wide color scale and is mainly used for summer footwear.

Synthetics: unlike textile, synthetic fibers are stronger, more durable and quick-drying.




GEL: A cushioning gel that provides comfort, reduces the impact on the heel and protects against otherwise unnecessary injuries.


Rubber: a material that is very easy to maintain and you will appreciate it especially in rainy weather.


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