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StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

A washer, drier, and cleaner solution combo for thorough cleansing of any makeup brush. It is simple to use and leaves the brushes as clean as new.

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Product details

What we say Shopping for your sister, mum or bestie? Win some serious brownie points with this brush cleaner which totally revolutionises how you’ll keep your tools hygienic. Using high-tech centrifugal spin technology to give your favourite brushes the equivalent of a trip to the dry cleaners, it leaves them completely dry so you can use them in seconds. Suitable for most make-up brush types, it comes with eight flexible silicone collars making it an absolute must-have for busy beauty addicts.
Clean AND dry your makeup brushes in seconds, with the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer!

Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes every two to three weeks, but traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours.

Remove clear plastic tab from inside the battery compartment to use your StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer.

The amazing StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer is a revolutionary device proven to clean AND dry makeup brushes in seconds. This latest invention from Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally ready to re-use immediately. Get the most out of your makeup brushes with no more messy basins or waiting hours for them to dry.

– Works with soap and water or any cleanser
– Suitable for synthetic and natural brushes of all sizes
– Makes the hassle of cleaning makeup brushes a thing of the past
– Brushes clean AND dry – ready to re-use immediately

Box Contents:
– StylPro device
– 2 x AAA batteries
– Attachment spindle
– Cleaning bowl
– Silicone seal and splash guard ‘neck’
– 8 x silicone collars (different sizes)
– Collar stand
– Instruction leaflet

use with StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser Solution.
The beauty of the StylPro is that it’s really simple to use. You just attach any makeup brush to the StylPro device using one of eight different sized collars, before dunking it in the bowl for 5 seconds, spinning for another 10 seconds and then drying for five to 10 seconds. That’s your makeup brush completely clean and dry in less time than it takes to choose a shade of lipstick!

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