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Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

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Benefit Cosmetics is a unique indie beauty brand that has grown into a prestigious global powerhouse. The brand believes that beauty should be fun and make you feel good, and laughter is the best cosmetic. Their innovative formulas are easy to apply, and their products and services are designed to provide a colorful world of beauty that all Benebabes can enjoy with a smile.
Benefit started as a boutique in San Francisco, and today, they have over 3,267 BrowBar Beauty Lounges in 55 countries. These spaces provide the same fresh spirit of beauty services, where Benebabes can gather, gab and glam. Benefit offers a range of beauty products and services that are both unexpected and uncomplicated, with a creative twist that always packs a punch.
Benefit Cosmetics is famous for its BrowBar services and is the No. 1 brow brand worldwide. Additionally, they are true pore experts, with their POREfessional pore primer selling every 12 seconds in 2020. Benefit is also the No. 1 prestige mascara brand in the US and the UK, and their products and services are designed to ignite joy and inspire you to be fearless.
Whether you need a beauty solution you can trust or just need a good laugh, Benefit has got your back. Their products and services are perfect for anyone looking for a daily dose of feelgood vibes. Benefit is the ultimate beauty destination, offering innovative and uncomplicated solutions to meet your beauty needs while providing a fun and exciting experience.
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