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BK Footwear

BK Footwear

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BK Footwear offers urban style shoes that truly make you a part of the British Knights.
British Knights positioned themselves as an inner-city and music driven brand, appealing to the predominantly streetwise young people. And as they say: fortune favours the brave. British Knights grew to be a big hit! The slogan Choose Change! became the thriving force behind British Knights major successes worldwide.
The brand initials ‘B’ and ‘K’ were a frequently used item in media, music and on the streets. For example in the early nineties British Knights sponsored the famous number 1 American rappers MC Hammer and LL Cool J. Also, British Knights was the first to make a commercial, which was broadcasted on the worldwide music channel MTV.
BK Footwear current image most definitely is related to their proud past. Continuing to create brand quality collections, which are completely orientated towards the latest trends.
Creating cutting edge collections in which the main theme remains street wear based on the hottest extreme sports. The design is clean and unified across the range, while great attention has been paid to details and finishes. British Knights knows there is an opportunity with footwear to be creative on many levels and is using this knowledge to be its greatest strength.
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Up to   31 per USD
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