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Bonanza is a leading online marketplace that provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a successful and sustainable business. With a focus on empowering new business owners, the platform makes it easy to launch and grow an online business. Bonaza presents a range of fantastic features that have been developed to meet the unique needs of its users.
At Bonanza, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do, and the company is committed to helping its sellers succeed. This commitment is evident in its various tools, which include automatic inventory import and synchronization, multi-item editing capabilities, and customized marketing campaigns. Additionally, the platform's zero-effort webstores are designed to make it easy for sellers to get started, with automatic setup based on their marketplace account.
Unlike other marketplaces, Bonanza is entirely seller-centric, with no listing fees, monthly store fees, or other hidden costs. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on building their businesses, with the peace of mind that they won't be bogged down by unexpected fees.
Plus, Bonanza is a Monetha rewards program online shopping partner. This means that when you download and sign up for the free Monetha app you’re on your way to making great savings and earning really valuable rewards. Monetha has partnered with over 1,200 premium online stores to bring you great value and more.
Every time you shop with Bonanza or any other Monetha merchant partner you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for thousands of gift cards from top brand stores like eBay, Amazon, Ikea, and many more. Or you can use your points to invest in cryptocurrencies or donate to great international charities.
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Up to   19 per USD
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Your ~ points are superpowerful. You can spend them on gift cards, crypto, or donate to charities.

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