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Collagen Superdose

Collagen Superdose

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MINERVA Research Labs is bringing ancient Japanese beauty secrets to the Western market. They have launched several reference brands that challenge traditional nutritional supplements and beauty regimes. MINERVA's mission is to help people live better and longer through expertise, innovation, science, and excellence. In 2021, they launched COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE™, a new brand of collagen-based liquid beauty supplement to meet the changing needs of consumers. They also consolidated NUTRIJUVINATE® CLINIC to provide services and share knowledge around nutrition, skincare, and wellbeing.
MINERVA produces high-quality, effective products and works with renowned universities, testing facilities, suppliers, and manufacturers to deliver scientifically developed and clinically tested products. They were granted a European patent in 2015 for the advanced complex within GOLD COLLAGEN® and are recognized as a major contributor to the UK export market.
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Up to   70 per USD
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