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Since 2012, Dresslily has been an online fashion store dedicated to fashions for women of all sizes. Catering for all shapes and sizes, the company understands the challenges that women face when trying to find the perfect fit, especially in size from 12-18. Dressily has built a reputation for providing a variety of choices for any occasion.
The company’s audience are powerful responsible women who love life and pursue happiness. They cleverly deal with trivia in their daily lives and build happiness for their families. In their work, they assume responsibility and are extremely hardworking. They should not be defined by "standard beauty", but instead they should be lauded for their unique qualities and their abundance of confidence.
Dresslily helps women unleash their beauty with unique designs and sophisticated tailoring. They offer a diverse range of patterns such as florals, polka dots, plaid, and unique features that always encourage a second glance. They also provide a variety of choices for different occasions, letting women showcase their sense of style in an affordable way. With over 14.7 million registered users and shipping to over 100 countries worldwide, Dresslily is the go-to destination for fashion-conscious women looking for a perfect modern style and fit.
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Up to   31 per USD
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