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Eric Barbier

Eric Barbier

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The name Eric Barbier is synonymous with elegant grooming for men of all ages. The motto behind the Eric Barbier international men’s care brand lies in the belief that there is a gentleman in every man, and to feel like a gentleman men must embrace the art of good grooming and attention to detail at all times.
Over the years, the Eric Barbier brand has worked closely with its customers, in the barbershop and beyond, to invest the company’s collective experience and knowledge in classic and innovative men’s care products.
In the Eric Barbier online store, you’ll find men’s perfumes, beard care sets, natural shampoos, sea salt hairsprays, hair and beard brushes, shaving creams, and lots more. But that’s not all, as part of a comprehensive selection of classically designed men’s care products and accessories you can treat yourself to organic body wash creams, lavender shampoos, leather covered brushes and combs, luxurious shaving brushes, shaving bowls, beard creams, and a selection of gift sets and vouchers that any man would welcome.
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Up to   84 per USD
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