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Furn UK

Furn UK

Furn are experts in stylish and affordable soft furnishings and home accessories - including Bedding, Curtains, Cushions + Throws. Furn's mission is to create stylish and affordable soft furnishings and home accessories, including, Bedding, Curtains, Cushions, Throws and more. Furn is run by a concept team inside one of the UK's largest suppliers of soft furnishings - allowing them to offer a wide range of beautiful products, but with the love and care of a much smaller brand. Furn team focuses on quality and value... and they're very proud of what they do. Furn only sell their own products, from their own brands or brands they have exclusive partnerships with. Buy from Furn and get shopping rewards from Monetha! Every time you purchase from Furn, you get accumulative Monetha reward points. The Monetha reward points can then be redeemed to gift cards, crypto, charity donations and more!
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