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Hair Burst Limited

Hair Burst Limited

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Welcome to Hairburst, a brand that prioritizes quality and safety when it comes to their hair growth products. Their qualified chemists formulate each product with proven and active premium ingredients to ensure optimum performance and minimize any risk to their customer's safety.
Hairburst has a range of products that promote hair growth, including supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals to encourage healthy hair growth from within. Their formulas are designed to keep hair in the Anagen phase, the growth phase, for longer periods of time.
The brand is committed to using powerful actives and naturally derived ingredients that aid in achieving longer, stronger, and healthier hair growth. They continuously strive to lessen their carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly practices, such as using PET bottles and cartons for their vitamins that are 100% recyclable, and making their shampoo and conditioner bottles from HDPE, which is a monoplastic.
Moreover, Hairburst's products are 100% vegan certified and cruelty-free. Their cosmetics are also free of SLS and parabens, ensuring that their customers only use safe and sustainable products. The brand also incorporates post-consumer recycled plastic into their men's cosmetic SKUs and mini elixir products.
Hairburst's formulas are rigorously tested for safety, stability, and compatibility before they're sold.
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