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Margot Fox Jewellery

Margot Fox Jewellery

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Margot Fox Jewellery is a top-end creator of timeless jewelry pieces that are designed to display the finest gemstones in the very best settings. By choosing Margot Fox, customers can feel good about supporting a brand that is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in the jewelry industry. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings, each Margot Fox jewelry piece is a timeless work of art that is designed to tell its wearer's unique story.
The team behind Margot Fox takes its role in the industry seriously and is committed to using only high-quality materials that are responsibly sourced. The brand's suppliers and factories must adhere to the Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practice, which promotes responsible ethical, social, and sustainable practices throughout the jewelry supply chain.
Margot Fox is also committed to social sustainability and ethical sourcing. The brand partners with businesses with a rich heritage in the jewelry trade and is compliant with the World Diamond Council and Responsible Jewellery Council to ensure the responsible sourcing of stones and metals. The brand takes a stand against unethical labor practices and ensures that all its employees are fairly compensated for their work.
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