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Martinelli is a footwear brand where the product is the protagonist, from its conception in the mind of the designer, to the end customer for whom it is intended.
Martinelli is a leader in elegance. Being Martinelli means having an attitude rooted in distinction and good taste. It means enjoying beauty as a form of artistic expression. It means choosing simplicity as a way of life, it means seizing the moments which time offers us to read a good book, travel, talk; in short, everything that nurtures the soul and personal growth.
Martinelli believes in a manufacturing process in which the human factor plays a vital role. They seek excellence in every detail; they pursue constant innovation to obtain the best product using top quality materials, opting for traditional design combined with the latest footwear development techniques like 3D.
Martinelli strives to improve their processes so they become more and more sustainable, always working with the best professionals.
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