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Start-Rite Shoes

Start-Rite Shoes

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Start-Rite Shoes: Expertly Designed Children's Footwear for Maximum Comfort and Support
Specializing in children's and teenagers' footwear, Start-Rite Shoes is committed to designing and crafting high-quality shoes that provide maximum comfort and support. With over 230 years of experience, Start-Rite Shoes takes pride in being Britain's oldest shoemaker, based in Norwich, and dedicated to caring for children's feet since 1792.
Understanding the importance of proper footwear for growing children, Start-Rite Shoes offers multi-width fittings and both whole and half sizes to ensure a perfect fit. The company believes that paying attention to these small details can make a significant difference in enabling children to move comfortably and confidently.
While Start-Rite Shoes is proud of its heritage, it also recognizes the importance of embracing the latest science and innovation to provide today's parents with reliable footwear options. The company is dedicated to accompanying children on their journey from their first pair of shoes until they confidently stride to school on their own.
Start-Rite Shoes is a trusted name in children's footwear, with a longstanding reputation for expertly designed, high-quality shoes that cater to the unique needs of growing feet.
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Up to   19 per USD
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