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Welcome to WalG, the fresh, young London label offering unique styles for the style-conscious girl who loves to mix and match sophisticated transitional pieces with casual basics. WalG was established with a clear focus on delivering fashionable, day-to-night pieces that reflect the brand's defining qualities of creativity, innovation and timeless elegance.
At WalG, the team believes that fashion is a statement of who you are and what you stand for, and their mission is to empower women to express their personalities through their clothing choices. The brand's in-house design team is dedicated to producing a full range of outfits that flatter and sculpt the female figure, with a variety of silhouettes, prints and classic comfort pieces to choose from.
The WalG girl exudes confidence in every aspect of her life, and her wardrobe choices reflect this. With an eye for desirable silhouettes and edgy prints, she effortlessly blends dressed-up and dressed-down styles, creating a chic and elegant look that is uniquely her own.
Based in the heart of London, WalG is constantly expanding and has concessions in many top high street stores, including Topshop. The brand's commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a loyal following of fashion-forward women who appreciate its unique style and dedication to craftsmanship.
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Up to   80 per USD
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