TikTok made me buy it: GHD Rise Professional Hot Air Brush

Hi and welcome back to our TikTok Made Me Buy It review series. This time on our hot seat is the GHD Rise Hot Air Brush that has been causing quite a stir on the platform last year.

Having bouncy, shiny, and healthy hair definitely sounds appealing, but before you give GHD your money, you might want to take a look at our article where we’ll be dissecting the GHD Rise and evaluating its worth for your money. 

Hop along!

GHD Rise Professional Hot Air Brush
Your go-to hairstyle for shiny, healthy, voluminous, and frizz-free hair.
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What is a hot air brush?

In a nutshell, a hot air brush is a device to make your hair styling efforts that much easier by combining a hair brush with a flat iron or blow dryer (or both at the same time). With this device, you can dry, volumize, straighten, and smooth your hair at the same time. 

That said, most of the hot brushes aren’t equipped with the same drying power as your regular hair blowers and are not meant to be used on soaking wet hair. Instead, the hair should already be about 80% dry. Thus, a hot air brush is less a dryer and more of a styling device. 

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What is the difference between a hot brush and a curling iron?

There are two main differences—one in how they work and another in the effect they create. A curling iron uses direct heat from a metal barrel to curl the hair, whereas a hot brush uses a combination of hot air and bristles to style the hair. 

Hot curling irons are most often used to create tight and defined curls (although they’re pretty versatile in creating quite a few hairstyles), while hot air brushes are popular for creating volume and soft waves. 

That said, hot air brushes are generally considered to be safer for your hair as they use airflow to style it, rather than applying direct heat from a metal barrel of a curling iron. 

What is the GHD Rise Hot Air Brush and why is it so special?

The GHD Rise (by the way, GHD stands for Good Hair Day) is a hot air brush that promises to create voluminous and bouncy curls that stay put all day long. What’s more, the brush creates two times more volume than air-dried hair. Its styling temperature is smart-set at 185℃ that both prevents damage to your hair and ensures effective and long-lasting results. Other benefits of the GHD Rise Hot Air Brush include: 

  • Ultra-zone with predictive technology: constant 185° temperature across the whole 32mm barrel to ensure consistent results.
  • 5mm smooth touch bristles: allow you to style close to the scalp without burning or damage.
  • 25-second heat-up time: so that you can style quickly and easily without the wait.
  • Sleep mode: Automatically switches off after 30 minutes to help prevent accidents.

All in all, the GHD Rise brush is a very simple to use, sturdy, and safe tool to create shiny, bouncy, and voluminous hair.

our go-to hairstyle for shiny, healthy, voluminous, and frizz-free hair. 

How do you use the GHD Rise Hot Brush?

If you remember, we have mentioned at the beginning that most of the hot air brushes are to be used on damp or 80% dried hair. Well, the GHD Rise Hot Brush should always be used on dry and detangled hair for the best results. Treat it similarly to a flat iron—you know those should never be used on wet hair—and dry your hair first to safeguard it against any possible damage. 

Once you’ve tried your hair—with a blow dryer or naturally—this is how you should proceed with the GHD Rise brush to create volume curls: 

  • Section your hair into layers by taking the top layer from the side of the head going diagonally backwards and pin it out of the way using a clip.
  • Place your GHD Rise above the lower section of the hair you will be working on near the root.
  • Wrap the hair around the brush from underneath.
  • Holding the tip of your section of hair, move the brush down in a gliding motion.
  • Re-wrap your hair around the brush back up towards the root.
  • Hold for 5-8 seconds.
  • Release the brush from the hair by rolling it out towards the ends of the hair and twisting outwards.
  • Repeat this across your whole head until you have bouncy, voluminous curls.
  • Lock your style in place with hairspray to ensure your roots stay raised for even longer.

As you can see, using the GHD Rise Hot Air Brush is quite a simple and quick affair. Worth the effort in creating stunning hairstyles, anyway!

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Is GHD Rise damaging to hair?

In short – no, the GHD Rise does not damage your hair. Here’s why: 

The brush is set at 185° with the temperature monitored 250 times per second (yes, that often!). While 185° sounds like a threateningly high temperature to be applied to your hair, it is, in fact, scientifically proven that this temperature is optimal for styling while not causing any structural damage to your hair. Anything beyond that might cause trouble, while anything below this temperature won’t create a lasting style. 

Do expensive hair appliances make a difference?

You know the saying You get what you pay for? Well, it’s very true when it comes to hairstyling appliances! Here’s why:

Quality. The expensive hair appliances are usually built using better quality materials which is not always the case with more affordable products. So, by spending a little bit more money in the beginning, you’re actually getting more use of your appliance. 

Materials. Premium hair appliances are usually made with tourmaline, ceramic or titanium which provide smoother and and more even heat distribution. Cheaper materials are prone to uneven heating, which might ultimately cause hair damage. 

Technology. High-end appliances often incorporate new technologies, such as infrared heating, ionization, and other smart features that give you better results and safeguards your hair from damage. 

Temperature control. Premium devices usually have precise temperature controls, allowing users to choose specific heat levels according to their hair type. Affordable devices don’t always have that and limited controls might lead to hair damage. 

In a nutshell, spending a bit more on your hair drying and styling appliances is absolutely worth it if you’re aiming for shiny, healthy hair and luxe hairstyles. 

What do people say about the GHD Hot Air Brush?

Now that we know all the technical details and uses for the GHD Hot Air Brush, it’s time for the reviews from people who have actually used this hair styling appliance. Take a look at what we found on Sephora:

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Amazing for volume at the lift and with practice I’m sure I can get those lushcious curls
Definitely recommend!
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Love love love! Finally something to add volume to my fine hair, without lots of product or heat damage.
Hot brush curls
Read More
Perfect for my frizzy hair, it’s smooths it and once you get the technique down the curls look very glamorous! Takes a few uses to get the technique down though so watch a few how to youtube videos and try out techniques until you find the one that works for you!

Is GHD Rise Hot Air Brush worth it?

So, should you buy it? Our verdict here must be a yes. If you’re spending a good chunk of your time styling your hair, the GHD Rise might be a life-saver (well, at least a time-saver). It’s versatile, it does what it says, does not damage your hair, and is simple to use once you get the hang of it.

GHD Rise Professional Hot Air Brush
Your go-to hairstyle for shiny, healthy, voluminous, and frizz-free hair.

Dupes and alternatives to the GHD Hot Air Brush

If you’d like to explore other options before splurging on the GHD Rise brush, we’ve found a couple of high-rated alternatives that promise similar results. 

GHD Rise Professional Hot Air Brush
Your go-to hairstyle for shiny, healthy, voluminous, and frizz-free hair.
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