How Sarah Took Her Beauty Experience to the Next Level

We recently reached out to Monetha users to see how they’re doing and asked them to share their stories with us so we could grow better and stronger through your honest reviews. 

One of our loyal users, Sarah, agreed to share her story with us, so keep on reading to learn about her first-hand experience with shopping and saving via the Monetha app.

”Hey there! I’m Sarah, a regular Monetha customer, and a total makeup enthusiast. I love trying out new beauty products, especially if they come from Sephora

However, I must admit, I wasn’t too happy about how fast those makeup purchases tend to add up.  

A few months back, I stumbled upon Monetha and thought maybe this could help me save a bit of money on my makeup. 

So, I decided to give it a shot. I mean, why not, right? It’s free to sign up, after all.

Before, I was always on the hunt for the best makeup deals. 

I used to spend so much time browsing for deals that it became a daily routine for me. Quality makeup doesn’t come cheap, and I had to stick to my budget. 

So, all that browsing was what seemed like the most logical thing to do. 

However, by chance, I discovered Monetha and the possibility of earning cashback on my beauty purchases. If I’m being honest, it sounded a bit too good to be true. 

Nevertheless, I signed up, and I’m never going back to my old way of shopping. 

Take, for instance, my latest Sephora purchase. I picked out all the products that had been on my wishlist for ages (because if not now, then when?) and made sure to use the Monetha app for every purchase.

And guess what? What started as a typical Sephora shopping sesh became a major win for me. 

I saved a whopping £100 on my beauty purchases this month alone! Talk about feeling accomplished and satisfied with my smart shopping choices.

So, if you’re curious about how to save big on your favourite brands, I highly recommend giving Monetha a try. It’s super easy to use, and the rewards are totally worth it.”

We are incredibly grateful to Sarah for sharing her story with us! Her experience is a testament to the benefits of using the Monetha app. 

By simply shopping through the app, Sarah can earn cashback rewards every time she shops for her favourite makeup, be it vegan lipsticks, hair products, or makeup for sensitive eyes. She agreed that saving money has never been easier, allowing her to splurge on the things she loves without any guilt. 

Are you ready to make savings like Sarah?

Viral products AND big savings?

It’s real when you’re with Monetha. 😉 We find the best deals for the nicest products + give you cashback when you buy through Monetha.

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