9 Makeup Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere In 2024

makeup trends in 2024

Remember the times when makeup’s sole purpose was to hide imperfections? Must’ve been pretty boring, right? Thankfully, these days makeup is all about self-expression and an extension of one’s aesthetic and identity. In a nutshell, an artistic medium to play around and have fun with!

And nowhere else does this policy ring more true than in 2024 makeup trends. From bold blue eyeshadow to black lips, to frosted eyes, to natural looks… The playbook is huge and fun this year. 

So, curious to learn about the makeup trends in 2024? Keep on reading, then! Which of these makeup looks got you the most excited?

Makeup trends with products

Blue eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has been on the trend since the swinging sixties, but in the last decade or so, it lurked in the undercurrents of the makeup fashion world. That is, until this year! The bold blue eyeshadow look is very much back on top, with plenty of makeup artists favoring it on the runways, and there are plenty of ways you could adapt it to your own makeup. 

Go bold with cobalt blue over your eyelids, opt for a dark and sultry 90s-inspired look, or use blue eyeliners or even mascaras—you can’t go wrong with this trend!

Office siren

With work-from-office policies regaining speed around the world and with so many people dedicating most of their day spending there, it is only natural that this part of life has inspired a new makeup look. It’s called office siren, and it channels the vibe of Gisele Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada

Basically, it is a very simple look of flicked eyeliner and neutral or red lips but paired with geek chic glasses, pencil skirts, and maybe even neckties for additional fun. It’s a fairly simple look to achieve (no need to be a celebrity makeup artist for it), and you probably already have the products to play around with it. 

Espresso makeup

When did brown become the least boring color? Well, right around 2024! Espresso makeup utilizes deep brown eyeshadow and brown lipstick for a monochromatic look that’s often accompanied by smudged eyeliner blended into the lash line and lots of black mascara, a la grunge.

However, if you’re not that into grunge, you can tone down the espresso makeup look by using lighter browns, adding a flick of color in the outer corners of your eyes, and opting for brown, instead of black, mascara. This way, your espresso will become warmer and a bit more neutral.

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Amped-up highlights

Highlighted skin isn’t going away anytime soon, and this time it is even more pronounced with clear, glazed-architectural faces and flash-ready, strategically placed highlights on your face. 

The glaze is so high that it is basically making your face look slick and wet! Of course, this makeup trend might be too much for you to wear every day, but it sure is a fun look to play around with. However, if you’d like to try wearing this look on the regular, try it out with finely milled powders that are around three tones lighter than your skin tone for the most perfect look.

Soft matte skin trend

On the (almost) opposite side of the spectrum, there is this new emerging trend that’s all about soft matte skin. No, nothing like we did in the 2000s, though; here, the matte translates to velvety, soft, dimly glowing skin and natural looks. Of course, it still heavily relies on the trend of the past, but we like this version much better. 

You can achieve this look by finishing your makeup with satin-finish powder and gently blurring it over your face for a soft, rather than cakey, look.

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Black lip makeup trend

Forget about florals for Spring, it’s so last season, anyway. The new trend that ruled quite a few spring/summer 2024 runways was the black lip look, and we honestly can’t get enough of this Goth glam vibe. 

If you’re not into going full Goth with your makeup, pair the black lip makeup trend with an understated eye, and it’ll add depth and dimension to your look. And don’t forget – since black is a bold color, it is best used with lip liner, and you might want to apply the lipstick with a lip brush for a more defined look.

Frosted eye look

No, no, the 90s-inspired frosted looks aren’t going anywhere this year, too. And that’s good, for this new trend can give you the most ethereal or bold looks you could dream of. 

This year, though, the frosted look comes in just one very simple color—white. To make your white frosted eyeshadow really pop, wear an opaque white base under it, especially if you have a deeper skin tone. Other than that, you can utilize this trend by accentuating the corners of your eyes, going for a full sculpted look, or just smearing it all over your eyelids for that cosmic, fairy-like effect.

Classic red lips

Name one more iconic makeup look than the sultry red lip. That’s right, there probably aren’t any (okay, okay, a cat eye is a solid contender, too). Anyway, a red lip look is a classic not without a reason—it’s a bold look that can absolutely transform you. 

This year, though, the rules are more lax with this classic makeup look, and you can play around with finishes. Choose matte lipsticks for a statement lip, high gloss for sophisticated, and opt-out for a red lip tint if you think that going bold might not be your cup of tea.

The clean girl makeup trend

Yes, you are right; you saw this trend emerging last year, but it is such a good one and so easy to replicate that it decided to hang out for a bit more in 2024. 

So, what’s the clean girl look? Basically, it’s the new no-makeup makeup look, just better and with glowing skin. The idea of this makeup trend is to amplify your natural beauty and bring out the details that make you, you. 

To recreate this makeup trend, aim for good skin prep (hello, moisturizers), choose BB creams and tinted serums over foundations, stick with a minimum of highlighter and a doll-like blush, and a mascara that looks unmistakably natural.


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