5 Rare Beauty blush dupes that give the same results for a fraction of the price

Rare Beauty’s liquid blush recently became so viral on TikTok that there’s no chance you haven’t heard about it (or tried it!) at least one. In this article, we’ll take a look at blushes, why the one by Rare Beauty became so viral, and look for affordable Rare Beauty blush dupes. 

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All about blush: what is it, how to use it, and do you need it 

Blush is a makeup product that is applied to the cheeks to add a healthy, rosy glow to the complexion. Fun fact—blushes were first used by the Egyptians way back in 3000 BC! These days, the product comes in various forms, including powder, cream, liquid, and gel, and is available in a wide range of colors to suit different skin tones. The purpose of blush is to mimic a natural flush or to add warmth and dimension to the face. 

Blush typically consists of pigments, binders, and other ingredients that help the product “stick” to the skin and stay there. The pigments are responsible for the color, and the formulation can vary based on the type of blush.

Products in this article

Powder Blush

Comes in compact form and is applied with a brush. It’s suitable for most skin types.

MAKEUP BY MARIO Soft Pop Powder Blush Discounts and Cashback

MAKEUP BY MARIO Soft Pop Powder Blush

Price: 33.60 USD

A luxuriously silky formula that glides and blends effortlessly for a pop of healthy color. 

Cream Blush

Has a creamy texture and is often applied with fingers or a makeup sponge. Good for dry or mature skin.

MILK MAKEUP Lip + Cheek - Cream Blush Discounts and Cashback

MILK MAKEUP Lip + Cheek - Cream Blush

Price: 22.00 USD

A two-in-one blush and lip color with hydrating formulation that is easily buildable and blendable.

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Liquid Blush

Has a fluid consistency and is applied with a dropper or pump. Provides a natural, dewy finish.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour™ Liquid Blush Discounts and Cashback

Daniel Sandler Watercolour™ Liquid Blush

Price: 19.8 USD

Long-wearing and natural-looking liquid blush with an oil-free formula that’s easy to blend and build. Suitable for all types of skin.

Gel Blush

Similar to liquid blush but has a gel-like consistency. Gives a natural, sheer color.

KVD Beauty ModCon Liquid Gel Blush Discounts and Cashback

KVD Beauty ModCon Liquid Gel Blush

Price: 27.60 USD

A liquid-gel blush for a dewy and hydrated skin. Use a little for a soft glow or build it up for an impactful look.

How to use blush

Using a blush always starts with choosing the right color for your skin tone. Common shades include pinks, corals, peaches, and bronzes. Once you’re happy with your selection, use a fluffy brush to apply it to the apples of your cheeks blending upwards toward the temples if it is powder blush. Cream or liquid blushes can be applied both with fingers or a makeup sponge by dabbing it on the apples of your heels and blending toward temples for a natural look.

The placement of blush can enhance your facial features. For example, applying blush slightly higher on the cheekbones can visually lift the face, though its general use is to give you that rosy complexion. 

Do you need blush?

Whether you “need” blush is subjective and depends on personal preferences! However, blush can offer several benefits to your makeup look and give you a radiant appearance, define facial structure, and create that finished look to your makeup. 

As with any makeup product, though, the decision to use blush depends on your individual style and the look you want to achieve. Some people prefer a natural, minimal makeup look and may choose to skip blush, while others enjoy incorporating it for a pop of color and dimension.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, launched in September 2020 by the one and only Selena Gomez, stands out in the beauty industry for its commitment to inclusivity, mental health initiatives, and education. With a motto aiming to break unrealistic standards (and actually doing it!), the brand offers 48 foundation and concealer shades in disability-friendly packaging. 

All of Rare Beauty’s formulations are clean, cruelty-free, vegan, dermatologist-tested, and surpass standard cosmetic regulations. The brand’s success is attributed to its TikTok virality, impeccable formulations, and genuine commitment to authenticity, mental health, and body positivity. Rare Beauty’s user-friendly products cater to those seeking natural and glowy makeup, making it a popular fan-favorite. In fact, there’s not a thing about Rare Beauty that’s not to be liked!

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Why is the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch liquid blush so viral?

You know, no beauty products ever go viral on TikTok undeservedly, and Rare Beauty’s Sot Pinch blush is no exception. In fact, there’s plenty to like about it!

A wide range of shades. The blush comes in quite a few different shades, so whether you have a fair or deep skin tone, you’ll find one that works the best for you. 

Great texture. The blush is silky and creamy, which means it blends just great and dries without becoming tacky or wet. 

Skin-friendly formulation. Due to its no-nonsense formulation, this blush works with any skin type. 

High pigmentation. A little goes a long way with Rare Beauty’s blush. Some people even say it’s “too pigmented!”

Well-designed packaging. The Rare Beauty blush comes with a wand applicator, which saves you from messy application. 

As you can see, there are plenty of things to like about the Rare Beauty liquid blush! However, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, but just as good, keep an eye for our next section where we will be looking for Rare Beauty blush dupes. 

Rare Beauty blush dupes

So, here we are, looking for Rare Beauty blush dupes. And of course we found them! Take a look at our choices below.

Revolution Blush Bomb Cream Blusher (Various Shades) Discounts and Cashback

Revolution Blush Bomb Cream Blusher (Various Shades)

Price: 8.00 USD

An illuminating cheek tint that gives your skin that extra-healthy, extra-glowy look. Users say it’s a great dupe for Rare Beauty’s blush and we believe it! After all, with a price this good, what stops you from trying it out.

E.L.F. COSMETICS Halo Glow Liquid Filter Discounts and Cashback

E.L.F. COSMETICS Halo Glow Liquid Filter

Price: 18.00 USD

People love this Charlotte Tilbury dupe so much, that it is almost always out of stock! Same as the Flawless Filter, it gives your skin a glossy, sheer glow. And at around $16, it’s worth trying out.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Water Infused Hydrating Gel Sheer Blusher Discounts and Cashback

Maybelline Cheek Heat Water Infused Hydrating Gel Sheer Blusher

Price: 10.79 USD

A lightweight, hydrating gel-cream blush for a fresh and luminous finish. Hello Korean glass skin!

ICONIC London Sheer Blush Discounts and Cashback

ICONIC London Sheer Blush

Price: 25.20 USD

While it might not be significantly cheaper than the real thing, you might still want to try out this sheer blush by Iconic London. It’s super hydrating, melts-into-your-skin amazing, and the luminosity it creates is just beautiful.

e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi Stick Discounts and Cashback

e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi Stick

Price: 6.00 USD

This versatile, multi-use stick can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks for a soft, glowy, monochromatic look. And we love to substitute Rare Beauty’s blush with it!

Have you tried any of these Rare Beauty blush dupes? Maybe we’ve missed out on something incredibly good? If so, do let us know in the comments!

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