12 Sol de Janeiro products to get your hands on ASAP

One thing we all miss the most during the Winter months is the warmth of the sun and the careless days at the beach. While we can’t promise you a trip to an exciting destination, we have a secret weapon to bring Summer to you all year round. 

Ready to learn what it is? 

Let us present Sol de Janeiro, a skincare and haircare brand with heavenly-scented products that will immediately transport you to Brazilian beaches in the middle of the summer. Even if you reside in Montana, Alaska, or Minnesota, Summer is always just a spritz away with Sol de Janeiro. 

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Each of their products is carefully formulated for maximum results in your skincare routine, and each is scented like a Gourmand paradise. Deep vanilla, pistachios, salted caramels, exotic florals, every scent from Sol de Janeiro is like a summer breeze. And if that sounds too poetic for you, you’ll just have to try them for yourself; you’ll see where the poetry is!

But let’s get to the point here—Sol de Janeiro and its incredibly viral and already iconic products. We found the best-sellers, rounded them up in this list, and are now presenting them to you so you won’t have to search for the best deals. Take a look below!

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What’s so unique about Sol de Janeiro? 

While Sol de Janeiro is an American skincare brand, its roots stem from one of the co-founder’s time spent living in Brazil. She loved the beach culture there and noticed the popular skincare routines and the importance of Cheirosa, which means ‘smelling nice’ translated from Portuguese. She brought all those things back to the US and started Sol De Janeiro based on her direct experiences in Brazil.

As a brand, Sol de Janeiro always stood for diversity and flaunting your natural beauty, and that’s the main message of the company. 

Why are Sol de Janeiro products so expensive?

Sol de Janeiro skincare and haircare products are priced above the average; however, there are good reasons for that. First, Sol de Janeiro always sources its ingredients sustainably and ethically, aiming for the highest quality possible. Second, Sol de Janeiro is a clean, cruelty-free brand. And third, a little goes a long way with Sol de Janeiro products, and you’d be amazed by the results you get from just a little of their body cream or how long just a spritz of their body mists linger on you.

Why are Sol de Janeiro products so popular?

These days, Sol de Janeiro is practically everywhere, right? There are millions of reviews on TikTok, your friends are talking about it, and even your mom has heard about their products! But why is that so, exactly? 

Sol de Janeiro cemented its popularity once its clients took notice of the Cheirosa ‘62 body mist and couldn’t stop sharing online just how enamored they were with the soft and sweet scent. After that came the body creams, which, while on the pricier side, leave your skin visibly firmer and smoother. And who doesn’t like that! One thing led to another, and now, seemingly, the whole world is wild about their effective, heavenly-smelling formulations that bring Summer even in the depth of Winter. 

Should you try Sol de Janeiro products? 

Absolutely yes! Getting Sol de Janeiro products is like treating yourself to a never-ending Summer and a beach-ready body all year round. So, if you were looking for something that would improve your skincare and self-care game, try Sol de Janeiro.

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