The Best Deals on Vacuum Cleaners in 2023

Nature might hate a vacuum, but your home or office doesn’t.

If you’re looking for great vacuum cleaner deals to bust the dust, hurt the dirt, and junk the gunk, we’re here to make the choice a little easier. And, hopefully, we might even save you a little money while we’re doing it.

Buying a vacuum cleaner is a task we usually only have to perform once every couple of years. But that’s long enough for technology to have changed significantly since your last purchase.

That’s why we’ll do the rounds of what’s available on the market to help you find the best deals available.

From cordless and battery-operated cleaners to ultra-modern dirt smashing robots, cordless stick vacuum and upright vacuum solutions to Dyson and Hoover, we’re going to explore.

We’ll look at upright models, handheld vacuum solutions, pet busters, upholstery tools, different floor types, and machines that keep the noise level minimal while sifting through the very best deals.

And remember, if you don’t find the deal you’re looking for today, be sure to check back again.

*As vacuum deals and prices are liable to change, all figures quoted are correct at the time of publishing.

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DYSON V10 Absolute Cordless Cleaner – Nickel & Copper

The Dyson V10 boasts powerful suction designed to remove even the most stubborn dog hairs from carpets, furnishings, and floors.

As a corded upright vacuum cleaner, the V10 comes with battery power that lasts up to 60 minutes while it deals with even heavy dog hair problems.

The unique Dyson filtration system traps harmful allergens inside the vacuum letting you breathe more easily.


  • A fluffy cleaner head picks up both large and fine dust particles
  • Ideal for cat and dog owners
  • Advanced cyclone technology
  • Battery operated – run time up to 60 minutes
  • An upright vacuum that converts into a handheld with one click
  • 3 cleaning tools included including a useful crevice tool
  • 3 power modes for more stubborn stains
  • Hygenic point-and-shoot bin emptying
  • Wall-mounted docking station for neat storage and charging

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SHARK DuoClean Lift-Away & Pet Tool NV702UKT Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Grey & Rose Gold

Allergies can be nasty things, and two of the biggest triggers for allergic reactions are pets and dust. Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal system locks in 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

Their technology uses two pet power brush rolls to ensure that dirt is removed from a range of different surfaces without having to switch nozzle heads.

No more pet problems with the Shark’s Lift-Away mode to easily remove tangled hair and fur from rugs, sofas, cat and dog cushions, and other textile furnishings.

  • Perfect for households with pets
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Cord length: 8m
  • Removes dirt from different multiple surface types
  • Cleans carpets and hard floors without switching heads
  • Deep cleans textured furnishings
  • Lift-Away handheld mode for stairs and awkward places
  • Comes with accessories like a crevice tool to clean tricky spaces and surface types
  • Easy dust cup cleaning

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VAX Blade 4 Pet & Car CLSV-B4KC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Blue

The VAX cordless is compact, flexible, and versatile and deals especially well with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

The multi-purpose floorhead works on all substraits and tackles dirt and grime, whether indoors or in your car.

Its Mini Motorised Pet Tool can lift even embedded hair and fur and is perfectly designed to clean your pet bed and favourite napping spots.

  • Ideal for animal owners
  • Multi-purpose floorhead
  • Battery operates for up to 45 minutes
  • Compact and flexible for all corners and tight spaces
  • Multi-surface dirt cleaning
  • Great for car cleaning
  • The antimicrobial brush helps keep the household hygenic
  • No suction loss on low power or with a full dirt bin

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NUMATIC Henry HVR160 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – Red

The Numatic’s six-litre capacity makes sure that you can stay cleaning for longer. Clean your space from top to bottom without interruption.

Perfectly suited for smaller households, the corded vacuum has a 10-metre cable means you won’t be constantly looking for new sockets.

With rising energy costs, the HVR160 (Henry) has an A energy rating meaning you’re not spending your hard-earned cash on electricity costs.

  • Big six litre capacity lets you clean for longer
  • A-rated energy efficiency helps save money on bills
  • 6 useful accessories and attachments
  • Easily move from wooden floors to rugs or tiles
  • Weighs only 7.5kg
  • 10-metre cord length

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SAMSUNG Jet 60 Turbo Max 150 W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Jet Fit Brush – Teal Violet & Cotta Black

The cordless Samsung Jet 60 Turbo is your number one tool in the constant battle for a dust and dirt-free home or office. The cordless dust buster’s multi-layered filtration system captures up to 99.9% of dust and allergen particles.

Its 180-degree swivel head makes it easy to change cleaning direction and reach every dark corner. Plus, the Jet Fit Brush can switch from wood floors to deep-pile rugs with no fuss.

With a washable dust catcher, cleaning the Jet 60 couldn’t be easier.

  • Perfect for dog and cat owners and allergy sufferers
  • 2-in-1 charging station
  • 40-minute battery life
  • 150 W of suction power
  • Airflow-boosting Jet Cyclones
  • One-click detachable head
  • Easily cleanable

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Miele Triflex HX1

The Miele Triflex HX1’s bagless design is a comfortable flexible solution to cleaning your home or office from hardwood flooring and deep-pile rugs to sofas and soft furnishings.

Every bit as powerful as a wired vacuum cleaner, the HX1 is a pet owner’s best friend. And, with a running time of up to 120-minutes – using one 60-minute replaceable VARTA Li-Ion battery.

Being bagless, the mechanism is an allergy-friendly cleaner due to its maintenance-free HEPA4 Lifetime Filter with 99.99% dust capture.

  • 3-in-1 bagless design
  • Flexible and comfortable cleaning
  • Cordless, compact, bagless
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Up to 120-minute running time
  • Replaceable Li-Ion batteries
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Forward-facing headlight


BISSELL MultiReach Tangle-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This uniquely designed cordless cleaner has a host of great features that take the sweat out of your cleaning chores, and leave your home fresh-smelling, and sparklingly clean.

The Bissel MultiReach’s flexibility includes 2 modes for cleaning both hard-surface and carpet floor cleaning. Being a 2-in-1 device the stick vacuum cleaner converts to a handheld in seconds, perfect for cleaning your car, inside wardrobes, and other hard-to-access places.

And, when it comes to emptying time, the cleaner features an Easy Empty dirt tank that collects and locks-away dust, allergens, and even pet hair. Also, the handy wall mount offers easy storage and charging.

  • Cordless and bagless
  • Suitable for hard flooring and carpets
  • Motorised tangle-free brush roll
  • Converts to handheld vac or high-reach device
  • 21V battery provides up to 30 mins of powerful cleaning
  • It comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush
  • LED lights in the nozzle help illuminate dark corners
  • Wall-mounted storage and charging
  • Easy Empty dust bin
  • 2-year guarantee


Where and how to find the best deals

When it’s sale time in the high street shops, there’s a good chance that you can pick up a great deal on a new vacuum cleaner.

However, electrical superstore sales tend to be few and far between, making it difficult to bag a deal when you need it. And there’s no guarantee that the product you want may not already be sold out, or at least, not subject to a sizeable discount.

Searching through online electrical suppliers seems to be the best opportunity for finding the product of your choice. Whether you want to tackle pet hair, quick messes, or protect your family from dust and allergens, it’s likely that you’ll find the perfect match, at the right price from a trusted discount store.

Additionally, you can bag great deals by using cashback programs like credit cards, loyalty cards, or reward programs like Monetha.

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Depending on where you shop, the time of year, and even the chances of just stumbling across deals you can’t refuse, the best-priced vacuum cleaner is a hard beast to pin down.

That’s why we turned to the assessment experts and asked the question for you.

According to the following are the best reasonably priced vacuums on the market in 2022.

  • Best cheap vacuum – Eureka Mighty Mite

  • Best cheap lightweight vacuum – Bissell Featherweight Stick 2033

  • Best cheap upright vacuum – Bissell PowerForce Helix

  • Best cheap cordless – Wyze Handheld Vacuum

Other well-priced deals

  • Eufy HomeVac H11

  • BISSELL AeroSlim

  • BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister

It’s a common fact that some individuals and companies simply do things better than their competitors – whether that happens to be hairdressers, sports car manufacturers, or vacuum cleaner producers.

But which brands are the best? To find an educated answer to this question let’s ask the experts.

According to BobVila – experts in trustworthy home advice – here are the 10 top-notch brands on the market.

  • Dyson – know for innovation and next-generation products

  • Shark – another contender for the best vacuum brand award

  • iRobot – makers of the Roomba range of robotic cleaners

  • Bissel – more than 140 years of cleaning expertise

  • Eufy – makers of a huge range of devices from robotic vacuum cleaners to handheld

  • Hoover – the company’s name has even become a verb meaning to clean

  • Eureka – founded in 1909 the brand has a long history and distinguished reputation

  • Miele – is highly regarded for its innovative and high-performing cleaning solutions

  • Tineco – an already technologically advanced newcomer to the market

  • Dirt Devil – one of the most affordable brands of vacuum cleaner

Best deals on top brands!
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