Boost levels: Increase rewards with daily activities

Monethians, this announcement surely requires a drum roll, so:

*drum roll *

We’re thrilled to unveil a feature that will change the way you use the Monetha app!

Introducing — Boost Levels.

What’s the Buzz About Boosts?

Simply put, completion of various activities on the app can generate you solid rewards. You engage in activities, you get rewarded!

How Boosts Work?

Perform activities within the app to earn Boosts. These aren’t just any boosts — they’re your golden keys to unlock next-level cashback rewards! For instance, reaching the second level — Silver — rockets your cashback up by 50%!

How Can You Start Earning Boosts?

  1. Engage in exciting activities on the Monetha app;
  2. Level up to supercharge your rewards;
  3. Enjoy cashback bonuses!

Consistency is the Key!

Remember, each activity has a 30-day shelf life: Boosts earned more than 30 days ago start to fade away.

If you’ve been logging in diligently for those 30 days, you’ll have your 30 Boosts. However, if after that period, you skip a day, you’ll find one less Boost, if you skip two days of logging in — you’ll find two Boosts less, and so on. So, consistency is the key here!

And this is just the beginning! Our Boost Levels will grow to become even bigger and better. More activities, more levels, and oh-so-many more perks are coming your way.

Stay tuned!

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