Maximum cashback for dropshippers

Get the highest cashback rates at popular marketplaces to maximize your dropshipping profits!

Unbeatable rates

We offer the highest cashback rates at top marketplaces so you could stay ahead of the competition!

Monetha Letyshops TopCashback Quidco
AliExpress up to 10.5% up to 5.5% up to 5% up to 5.5%
Alibaba up to 6% up to 2.7%
DHgate up to 51% up to 25% up to 3.15% up to 1.6%
Bonanza up to 6% up to 6% up to 4.8%

How to get maximum cashback?

Reach Platinum account level

Complete daily tasks in the Monetha app to grow your account level.


Deposit $MTH tokens

Instantly get Platinum+ level by depositing Monetha tokens for up to 15 days.

Platinum cashback with $MTH deposit

Fastforward your account growth with a short-term returnable deposit

Why is it worth it?

$MTH deposit gives you an instant access to Platinum+ level and all its benefits, including the 333% cashback boost.

If you spend $1,000 at a marketplace with a 3% regular cashback, Platinum+ level will give you back $100 instead of $30.

Sweet? Here’s more: when the deposit period ends, you will get your tokens back!

How to get MTH tokens?

  1. Sign up at one of the exchanges BitMart, LBank, MEXC, HitBTC.
  2. Buy MTH tokens.
  3. Transfer funds to your Metamask account.
  4. Click “Deposit my MTH” in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get up to 10.5% back. The exact cashback rate will depend on type of products you buy and your customer status (sometimes you can get back more as a new customer). Please check AliExpress shop page on to learn more about its cashback terms.

Yes! After the deposit period (you may choose 2, 7, or 15 days) you will get your $MTH back. A small fee will be deducted to cover the “gas price” (cost of transaction on Etherium network).

$MTH is Monetha’s crypto token that is used to extend the app’s functionality.