Where and How to Find the Best Free Giveaways

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In the challenging world of the Internet, getting your products in front of potential clients can be difficult for any business. Consequently, many companies are now looking at free giveaways/free online sweepstakes, which can skyrocket sales.

Internet users can enter hundreds of giveaways at no cost and win expensive prizes. For consumers, the main problem is finding a reputable company offering these giveaways.

Before we look at how to find the best giveaways, it is essential to remember why these companies are giving away their products. They want your contact details directly from their website or via a third party. So, if you are skeptical about whether the company is trustworthy, you should think twice before giving up your email and personal information.


Where to Find the Best Free Giveaways 

While much of the content you see on the Internet is replicated, especially the “best of” lists we regularly see, the best websites will appear on multiple different lists.

When looking at the chance to win great prizes, you will come across:



This website contains a raft of information about any subject, from entering sweepstakes to giveaways and more. Not only will the site provide links to the giveaways, but there will also be in-depth comments about the quality. Some great prizes and a handy website!



One of the more established free sweepstakes websites, provides a vast range of feedback about individual giveaways and sweepstakes. In addition, various symbols give you a snapshot of each sweepstake/giveaway, so you know what to expect.



This is a treasure chest of contests, competitions, and sweepstakes with various prizes. The site also encourages users to list new sweepstakes for other visitors to view. Very impressive!

We then have other websites such as:

It is sensible to search the Internet regularly for these “best of” lists because they can change pretty frequently.


4. Specific Apps

Using apps to promote giveaways and free sweepstakes is also very popular. Some of the more recognized branded apps include:



While established decades ago, McDonald’s has proven to be one of the more forward-thinking companies regarding apps and giveaways. The company provides some delicious freebies!



The Swagbucks website incorporates surveys, online browsing and watching promotional videos with the opportunity to earn free gift cards. As these things can be carried out when you are relaxing, the app has caught the eye of many people.

Read more about how Swagbucks work, if it’s safe, and how much you can earn using the platform here.



Whether offering gift cards or discounted movie tickets, T-Mobile Tuesdays have allowed many people to save a significant amount of money. Working with their array of partners, the mobile phone company has attracted millions of users to the app.


Other Apps

There are also other popular apps when it comes to free sweepstakes and giveaways, which include:

  • Libby

  • Chick-fil-A One

  • Influenster

  • AMC Theatres

  • Claim It!

  • Surprize

  • Orbitz

There is also one additional area of e-commerce which is focused on customer loyalty, shopping reward websites. Companies such as Monetha regularly communicate with customers via their popular shopping app. Working with partners and rewarding returning customers is the perfect way to retain shoppers and encourage personal recommendations.


How to Find the Best Sweepstakes

As we discussed previously, finding the best giveaway websites can be challenging; try typing “giveaway” in Google, and you will see what we mean. However, the search engines are the best starting point when looking for the best giveaways.


Do Some Research on Google

The popularity of any website/app site is heavily influenced by the number of backlinks. Therefore, popular and trustworthy websites will attract more links from forums, other websites, etc., which reflects the degree of trust. This allows them to appear towards the top of the rankings for popular terms.

If you are looking for specific giveaways, adjust your search term, for example, “free sports giveaways”. You will find there are particular giveaway websites which will list hundreds if not thousands of free sweepstakes. Alternatively, individual companies may run giveaways for existing and potential customers who visit their site.

YouTube is another platform that has attracted the attention of companies looking at giveaways and free sweepstakes. Offering the perfect blend of visual and written content, YouTube is a great marketing platform.


Visit the website

Historically, free competitions and giveaways were two areas in which fraudsters and scammers were particularly active. Whether they were redirecting traffic or hitting visitors with an array of adverts, it was challenging to find the more dubious sites before visiting them.

Nowadays, the search engines will often have a visual warning where there is a degree of suspicion. This may be due to how the websites are set up, potential redirects and other issues. So if the search engines warn you not to visit, don’t visit the site!

However, if the giveaway is a leading brand name such as for example Apple, you have no worries about visiting their website.


Search for feedback

When you find a website that catches your eye, the next step is to check the Internet for customer feedback. The beauty of the Internet is that consumers tend to be highly vocal, especially regarding giveaways and sweepstakes.

It won’t take long before you find a general trend, whether people praise or criticize the website. Many of these services are available in app form – don’t download the app until you have done a search for customer feedback.


Check social media

While many giveaway websites will allow visitors to comment online, you will also get an idea of popularity by checking their social media accounts. To name but three, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will give you an idea of how popular they are. Each will also attract an array of comments, which are again worth reading.


Download the app/enter the giveaway

When you have checked the website and looked at feedback/social media accounts, if they appear trustworthy, then it is time to download the app or enter the giveaway on the website.

Don’t give your details if you are skeptical about giveaways on a branded website or a free sweepstakes’ website offering hundreds, if not thousands, of competitions.

While we have focused on sweepstakes/giveaway websites, many companies will run their giveaways. This can be the safest option in many ways because recognized brands would not risk their reputation by trying to hoodwink customers.



For many businesses and consumers, giveaways and sweepstakes encourage customer loyalty and allow free samples to be showcased. In addition, many of these businesses operate online with a limited physical presence, so they often have funds to invest in website and app giveaways.

Indeed, as most people now have a mobile phone, awesome giveaways via apps have been a game changer for many businesses.


While mobile phone giveaway apps are extremely popular, many websites still offer this service. It is simply a case of visiting the website/app, signing up and putting your name forward for the giveaways. Occasionally, you can enter giveaways more than once!

Aside from the free sweepstakes/giveaway websites, many individual companies, such as McDonald’s, offer regular free stuff directly through their app. Has your favorite company got an app? Are you missing out on giveaways?

Legally, website or app giveaways cannot charge; therefore, it is simply a case of entering your name into the “virtual pot”. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted as soon as possible.

The picking of winners from giveaways and free sweepstakes is regulated to ensure honesty. It is worth asking how the company in question choose their winners before entering your name.

There are many websites which collate information on hundreds if not thousands of freebies, such as:




Then we have individual brands which use their app to reward customer loyalty:-

  • McDonald’s

  • Swagbucks

  • T-Mobil

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