What will happen to MTH token?

Although we’ve spent the whole week trying to contact Binance officials, to this moment we don’t have any information on why MTH is being removed from the exchange. We will continue communication with Binance, but now we need to face the fact that the token will be delisted.

What about other exchanges?

The team is working on the MTH to be listed on other exchanges, both centralized and decentralized ones. We will keep you informed as soon as more information is available on the matter. We want to ensure you that we as a team are determined to fix this issue.

While we applied for several major exchanges we continue looking for more opportunities. If you represent an exchange or could introduce us to relevant decision-makers to boost the review process, please send us a message to [email protected].

What will happen to your tokens on Binance after delisting?

You will have three months to transfer them to a different place. It could be another exchange (hopefully, we are already listed by that time) or any wallet that supports Ethereum (ERC-20).

How does it affect the development of Monetha?

It does not affect our plans at all. Moreover, we still consider using Binance Pay as one of the redemption options for in-app Monetha Rewards.

There are 127 stores available for shopping in the Monetha app and our website right now, and almost as many are in the onboarding process. We are also about to release a plugin for e-commerce sites that will help to grow the number of merchants exponentially.

What new Monetha is all about?

It’s a free mobile app that rewards users for their data when they shop online. Those who want more details are welcome to read our updated Whitepaper.

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