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About Converse

Founded in 1908, Converse is an iconic footwear and apparel brand that has played a significant role in popular culture and influences it today.

Their most famous Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers became a true symbol of rebellion and self-expression and are still beloved worldwide. The brand always seeks a middle ground between heritage and fashion trends, thus creating a completely unique image so distinctive to the brand. Through their collaborations with musicians, artists, and designers, Converse maintained its cultural relevance, solidifying its status as a symbol of individuality.

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Converse FAQs

What’s special about Converse?

While it is true that Converse gained popularity on the basketball court—after all, their All-Star sneaker was the first-ever shoe design for basketballers—they became highly popular among a diverse range of subcultures over time. In fact, they were all the rage during the ‘90s. Their longevity and relevancy are mostly because of their classy design that is easily adapted to all kinds of styles. Besides all this, these sneakers have been with us for over a hundred years now and have become a solid part of popular culture.

Why is it called Converse?

You might’ve heard various rumors about the name, but none of them are true. In fact, the name Converse comes after the name of the brand’s founder, Marquis Mills Converse, who started the business way back in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts.

Where is Converse based?

As of now, Converse is headquartered in Lovejoy Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts, so not that far from its place of inception. And while it is absolutely an all-American brand, most of its goods are made in China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Are Converse shoes still in style?

A firm yes, and it is probably right to say they’ll continue to be in style for years to come. As we said before, Converse sneakers are an important part of popular culture, and with revamps, collabs, and new editions each year, you can always find a pair of Converse that suit your style.

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