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About The North Face

Launched in 1966, The North Face knows everything about performance apparel that keeps you comfortable in every possible environment. That said, their specialty is outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories made to keep you toasty in even the coldest temperatures.

The North Face is renowned for their commitment to innovation, durability, and functionality and is favored by skiers, hikers, mountaineers, and everyone who likes to spend time outdoors. it’s true that even their logo—the Half Dome in the Yosemite Park—has become synonymous with outdoor adventures.

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The North Face FAQs

Why is The North Face so popular?

Honestly, it’s because their outdoor wear is simply that good. It shields you from the elements and keeps you comfortable no matter what. And if mountaineers and skiers favored it first, city dwellers soon took notice of the garments’ durability and comfort, thus making The North Face as popular as it is now.

Where The North Face is based?

The North Face was started in 1964 by Douglas and Susie Tompkin in San Francisco as a mail-order company selling rock climbing and camping equipment. Just two years later, The North Face celebrated opening their first shop with The Grateful Dead playing to mark it.

Currently, the company has relocated from Alameda, California, to Denver, Colorado, with most of its goods produced in India, China, Guatemala, Jordan, and Mexico.

What makes The North Face unique?

We get it, a jacket is a jacket, so why the North Face ones are such a buzz? For one, they’re known for their high-quality, durable materials that provide comfort in any outdoor activities. Another point is their design, which is made to protect you from any elements, be it rain, wind, snow, or freezing temperatures. Lastly, The North Face garments have been tested and favored by people who make it their sport to spend as much time as possible in the harshest of climates!

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