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Cashback rules for Rituals

Up to 10% for advent products.

Up to 4% for new Rituals customers who purchase products from Body category and Gifts category.

Up to 3% for new Rituals customers who purchase products from Beauty and Home categories.

Up to 2% for existing Rituals customers in all product categories, except Advent products.

Up to 2% for new and existing Rituals customers who purchase items on sale.

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General rules:

  1. Turn off Adblock and similar ad-blocking plugins
  2. Purchase in a single browsing session
  3. Ensure your cart is empty before enabling cashback
  4. Order using only one device

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About Rituals

Rituals is a brand renowned for its luxurious yet affordable cosmetics for home and body, inspired by the traditions and wisdom of ancient cultures. The brand believes in the power of small moments and offers The Art of Soulful Living, a guiding compass for personal wellbeing, encouraging individuals to find balance of body, mind, and soul in everyday life. By creating easy adaptable routines and small habits, Rituals aims to bring positivity, peace, and happiness into daily experiences.

At Rituals, the creative process of crafting new formulas is akin to a work of art, with meticulous selection and combination of natural ingredients to create unique and enticing products.

With a commitment to sustainability reflected in its B CorpTM certification, Rituals upholds strict social and environmental standards, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 to address the challenges of climate change.

Presenting a diverse range of premium home and body care products, Rituals offers more than just gifts – they provide opportunities to discover joy in the smallest things.

Each product is carefully crafted to enrich everyday life with exquisite scents meticulously created by the world’s finest perfumers. Discover the beauty of these small moments and enhance your wellbeing with Rituals’ collection of soulful living essentials.

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Rituals FAQs

Is there a shipping fee for my Rituals order?

Shipping costs are waived for orders reaching $40 or more. However, orders below this amount will incur a $5.90 shipping fee. It’s important to note that while this minimum does not include gift wrapping, Rituals does provide this service separately for your convenience.

What shipping options do Rituals provide?

Rituals provide home delivery for all orders, partnering with UPS to ensure swift and reliable shipping. The Rituals team and trusted shipping partners prioritize delivering your package promptly, ensuring you can enjoy your chosen products without delay.

Can an already-confirmed Rituals order be altered?

Once an order is placed, it cannot be modified, including changes to the delivery address, ordered products, or cancellations. However, customers have the option to return goods free of charge after receiving their order if they change their mind.

Additionally, after receiving the tracking code, customers may receive offers from the delivery company to change the delivery location, with all available options accessible through the personal page of the parcel tracking system.

What is The Ritual of Jing Aroma Diffuser?

The Ritual of Jing Aroma Diffuser is an innovative device designed to create a soothing atmosphere by dispersing transparent clouds of fragrance. Within just 10 minutes, it fills your bedroom with a delicate mist infused with potent ingredients, such as calming lavender and refined sandalwood, to help relax your mind and senses, preparing you for a restful night’s sleep.

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