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6 Best wedding dresses: Hidden gems that look anything but cheap

Getting ready for your Big Day, but the expenses are taking away all the fun? No worries, there are always ways to save up a bit, and that does not necessarily mean giving up on your ultimate vision! 

Here’s what we have in mind – the best inexpensive wedding dresses that look straight from the cover of a fashion magazine. And those aren’t just tall words! But, we guess you wouldn’t believe it until you see them for yourself. 

So, get ready to take a look at our top picks of cheap wedding dresses that look anything but cheap. 


While we can all agree that wedding gowns never come with a price tag of a t-shirt, you can still absolutely find the perfect one for any budget. And, although these dresses are definitely cheaper than those high-end gowns, it doesn’t mean they are any less than others. To ensure that you look and feel your best on your Big Day, we chose such brands where quality meets the price, so order away! 


Remember the old adage that beauty requires sacrifice? Well, we are firm believers that those days are long gone, and you should not only look but also feel your best on your wedding day. That’s why we sourced brands and retailers who always have the wearer’s comfort in their mind when designing their gowns! 


From classy silhouettes to modern takes and from snow white to gowns for the eccentric taste, we made sure you have plenty of styles to choose from! After all, you should always do you, especially on a day you’ll remember for years to come. 

So, with all these factors in mind, we’ve put together a list that we think represents the best affordable wedding gowns in 2023. The list below includes a short introduction to each dress, talks about their unique designs to help you make up your mind. So, ready to say yes to the dress?

Top affordable wedding dresses

Goddiva Cowl Back Chiffon Maxi – White

Price: 100 USD (with up to 2.5% cashback)

Our take: Embrace the beauty of your beach wedding dreams with this celebrity-style-inspired wedding gown. Its scalloped neckline adds a touch of class, while the intricate lace top with an illusion front exudes subtle sensuality. The patterned mesh back and train perfectly complement the gown’s stunning bodice. With a Maxi length, v-neckline, and sleeveless design, this outfit guarantees a figure-flattering look. It’s the ideal choice for those magical summer weddings!

Luxurious Sexy Wedding Dresses Portrait Beaded Pearls Ball Gown

Price: 600 GBP (with up to 15.4% cashback)

Our take: In the world of exquisite wedding and event dresses this luxurious wedding dress by Manweisi definitely stands out of the crowd. Their forte lies in crafting custom-made dresses that are uniquely tailored to each individual, ensuring that every piece is one-of-a-kind.

Specializing in a wide range of attire, including wedding gowns, evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, flower girl dresses, and other formal occasion wear, their rich experience guarantee top-notch quality. And we mean it! With an unwavering determination to provide the best dresses for their customers, Manweisi promises to deliver exceptional and unforgettable outfits for any bride!

Engagement Formal Fall Wedding Dresses Ball Gown

Price: 325 USD (with up to 5.2% cashback)

Our take: High-quality fabric, threads, and embellishments are meticulously chosen to craft this stunning dress. After all, there can never be enough pretty pearls on your dress! The manufacturer’s commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect, from color to sheen and texture, meets the highest standards. They know you won’t settle for anything less! If you’re into timeless, classy looks, this might be just the dress for you.

Red Embroidered Pure Silk Umbrella Lehenga Wedding Wear

Price: 649 USD (with up to 1.1% cashback)

Our take: Indulge in the allure of this stunning Red Embroidered Art Silk Umbrella Lehenga, a breathtaking ensemble that’s an embodiment of sophistication. We think that you’ll agree that this item beautifully merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, making it a splendid option for weddings, festivities, and grand celebrations. Crafted from art silk fabric, the lehenga drapes gracefully, creating a stunning silhouette that complements every body type.

Elizabeth silk chiffon wedding dress

Price: 799 GBP (with up to 2.2% cashback)

Our take: 100% silk chiffon with pleating and draping to die for! An absolutely classic look with a pretty retro twist that would make any bride wear it proudly. The bodice of the gown is gathered in a pretty knotted waist design, giving it that stunning hourglass shape. What we also love about this gown is the long sleeves and an A-line skirt shape. You can never go wrong with that!

Gigi Dress in Oyster Grey

Price: 295 GBP (with up to 1.6% cashback)

Our take: This is a dress that screams glamor and silent sophistication! Its figure-hugging cut, tiny straps, and open back is a combination to make any bride feel and look stunning. And we just love the length of it, which makes the overall look quite demure. After all, not every dress needs plenty of details to make the wearer stand out of the crowd! 

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