10 Boho Clothing Items That Are A Great Addition To Your Wardrobe

In for a bit of a ‘70s throwback? Good, because we have a boho chic style guide ready for you! This carefully curated collection of 10 boho clothing items is poised to breathe fresh life into your wardrobe with swirls of paisley, flowy silhouettes, and tons of pretty ruffles!

Embracing the spirit of artistic nonconformity, these boho-inspired fashion picks offer a groovy blend of classic style with a modern twist. From their flowing silhouettes to the vivid, nature-inspired patterns, these essential boho clothing pieces are set to transform your wardrobe and set your personal free-spirited style apart from the crowd. Even if that crowd is a boho-chic crazy one!

So, join us in exploring the colorful world of boho fashion, where self-expression meets ease in the most authentically “you” way possible.

Boho clothing items that are a great addition to your wardrobe

Boho style clothing (that is short for ‘bohemian’) is a fashion trend that draws its inspiration from the artistic crowd of the ‘70s. Or, as we most commonly know them — hippies. This style can be distinguished by a unique blend of different elements such as:

Flowy silhouettes — maxi dresses, flowy tunics, wide legged pants! Everything that’s loose and moving is the epitome of a boho silhouette.

Natural fabrics — most boho garments are made from natural fabrics, such as silk, linen, and cotton, which makes them ideal for warmer weather.

Patterns everywhere — florals, tie-dies, and most importantly, paisley. Boho prints are always bold and loud!

Layering — the more layers, the better. Wear multiple pieces, like vests, shawls, and cardigans to create a boho-inspired look.

Earth tones — think browns, greens, terracottas, and deep blues.

Accessorize your outfits — no boho outfit can be complete without accessories! A floppy hat, a fringed bag, scarf, and beaded jewelry are a must.

But most importantly, don’t forget that boho fashion, in its core, is all about your own personal style and expression!

Absolutely! Although the Bohemian Movement became a fashion trend way back in the 1960s it is still popular to this day. Of course, some minor variations did happen throughout the decades, but the appeal is still as strong as it was some sixty years ago.

Our take as to why it is still so popular, is because boho style is first and foremost all about comfort and it gives you a sense of authenticity. That’s why we’re still seeing even the most famous stars wearing flowy dresses, clashing patterns, fringe and flares to this day. So, if you were wondering if wearing boho clothing will render you out of style – fret not and wear all the paisley you like!

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