The 12 best crossbody bags for travel

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, an outdoor adventurer, or a minimalist explorer, our listicle has tailored recommendations to suit every type of traveler. We understand that no two journeys are the same, and no two travelers are the same. That’s why we’ve taken the time to carefully curate a diverse selection of the best crossbody bags that cater to various lifestyles and budgets.

From affordable options that offer exceptional value to high-end designer choices that add a touch of luxury to your travels, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to upgrade your travel game with the perfect crossbody bag – your ultimate companion for a world of adventures.

From the durability of materials and water-resistant qualities to the security features that keep your valuables safe, we’ll walk you through the key factors to keep in mind when selecting crossbody travel bags for your specific needs. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge required to make a well-informed choice.

Tailored exactly to your travel style

Travelers often wonder if crossbody bags are a smart choice, and the answer is a resounding yes! These bags are not just stylish but also incredibly comfortable. They’re designed to hang diagonally across your body, which means the weight of your belongings is evenly distributed. This clever design minimizes stress on your shoulders and back, making it the perfect choice for exploring new destinations with ease and comfort. So, when it comes to your next adventure, don’t hesitate to trust the comfort and convenience of a crossbody bag.

Crossbody bags, like totes, and small to medium-sized backpacks are considered personal items that can be taken on a plane. A rule of thumb for the sizes of these bags is that they should easily fit under the plane seat in front of you.

Carry-on luggage is hand luggage that is considerably bigger than personal items but still can be taken inside the cabin. Be sure to consult the rules of each individual airline for the measurements and allowed weight, as they might vary.

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Crossbody bags aren’t just safe for traveling; they might be the safest. Here’s why:

  • Crossbody bags are designed to keep all your belongings close to your body, which allows you to keep an eye on them pretty easily;

  • These bags are usually equipped with strong straps that go over your body, which makes a “snatch and run” scenario pretty far-fetched;

  • Lastly, these bags allow for total hand freedom and mobility is always a huge bonus in any situation!

And if you’re wondering whether you won’t stick out of the crowd wearing crossbody purses, bags, or wallets whilst traveling around Europe, know that they’re hugely popular there, too!

Harry Potter Golden Hogwarts Crossbody Bag by Loungefly  Discounts and Cashback
price £67.95

Harry Potter Golden Hogwarts Crossbody Bag by Loungefly

Take the magic with you when you travel with the Harry Potter Golden Hogwarts Crossbody Bag by Loungefly. This officially licensed accessory is a magical addition to any fan's collection, featuring a beautifully embroidered Hogwarts crest and shimmering golden accents. With an adjustable strap and compact design, it's the perfect bag to carry your essentials while showcasing your love for the wizarding world. Make your spellbinding crossbody bag an icebreaker and conversation piece everywhere you go.

Powwow Western Crossbody Handbag Suede Leather Bag  Discounts and Cashback
price £82.05

Powwow Western Crossbody Handbag Suede Leather Bag

Howdy partners, take your style to another level with the Powwow Western Crossbody Handbag, a stunning suede leather bag that's a true testament to Western chic. This handbag features intricate fringe detailing and eye-catching beaded accents, making it a statement piece for any outfit. With its roomy interior and comfortable crossbody strap, it combines fashion and function seamlessly, making it a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the beauty of the American West.

Fashion Ladies Crocodile Pattern One-Shoulder Crossbody Cellphone Bag  Discounts and Cashback
price €19.99

Fashion Ladies Crocodile Pattern One-Shoulder Crossbody Cellphone Bag

How's this for trendy travel style, the Crocodile Pattern Leather crossbody cellphone bag – a resilient, fashion-forward companion for travel, day trips, shopping, work, or casual outings. Crafted from high-quality leather, its scratch, wear, and water-resistant qualities will ensure its durability. Its compact design conceals spacious storage options, including multiple card slots and inner pockets, while the adjustable shoulder strap allows for flexible wear, be it as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or chic clutch bag, accommodating your personal style.

PU Leather Lock Phone Simple Crossbody Shoulder Bag  Discounts and Cashback
price €11.99

PU Leather Lock Phone Simple Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This PU Leather Lock Phone Shoulder Bag is a simple yet stylish crossbody solution with a touch-screen cell phone purse for on-the-go convenience. Crafted from durable PU leather, this phone purse not only complements your fashion sense but also offers practicality with its touchscreen compartment. With this purse, you can keep your essentials secure and accessible while maintaining a sleek look wherever you venture.

Women's Minimalist Vintage Design Crossbody / Shoulder Bag  Discounts and Cashback
price €17.99

Women's Minimalist Vintage Design Crossbody / Shoulder Bag

If you want to dump the cumbersome daypack when you travel, here's the answer. Explore timeless elegance with the Women's Retro Design Handbag, a lightweight vintage-inspired crossbody that effortlessly combines fashion and function. Crafted with a classic design, this bag is a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. Its spacious interior and chic exterior make it the perfect choice for fashion-forward ladies seeking both style and practicality.

Leopard Print Circle Bag with Crossbody Strap  Discounts and Cashback
Price €42.99 €30.09

Leopard Print Circle Bag with Crossbody Strap

Embark on a stylish journey with La Redoute's Crossbody Bag, your chic and functional travel companion designed for everyday ease. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this bag ensures you have ample storage for your essentials while keeping you fashion-forward. Whether you're exploring the streets of San Francisco, enjoying a night out in vibrant New York, the romantic allure of Paris, or the hustle and bustle of London, this crossbody bag is the perfect choice for every occasion, no matter the destination.


Recycled Patent Circle Crossbody Handbag  Discounts and Cashback
Price €46.99

Recycled Patent Circle Crossbody Handbag

Embrace practical elegance when you travel with La Redoute's Crossbody Bag, a versatile accessory designed to blend fashion and function effortlessly. Expertly crafted, this bag offers ample storage for your essentials while maintaining a stylish appearance. When you want to leave the backpack behind but still carry your essentials with you, this classic crossbody bag is your perfect companion to the next destination.

Why a crossbody bag should be an important part of your travel luggage

Crossbody bags for women who travel offer a winning combination of style, comfort, and practicality. These versatile companions not only keep your essentials organized and easily accessible but also add a fashionable touch to your travel ensembles. With their secure designs and the ability to evenly distribute weight, they’re the perfect choice for minimizing discomfort and stress on your shoulders and back during your journeys.

So, whether you’re exploring bustling cities, hiking through serene landscapes, or embarking on a spontaneous adventure, consider the advantages of a crossbody bag as your trusty travel sidekick. Make the most of your next getaway with the convenience and chic appeal of these must-have travel accessories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your travel experience – embrace the versatility of crossbody bags and embark on your adventures with confidence.

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