Dropshipping products with high profit margins

The global drop shipping market is continuously growing from year to year. But, to grow your profits in line with the global market, you need dropshipping products with high profit margins.

But what is a good profit margin for your e-commerce shop?

A good profit margin for dropshipping is when you make more than 20% profit on what you sell. But here’s the trick – it depends on what you’re selling and where you’re selling. If you’re selling pricier items, your profit margins can be much higher. On the flip side, if you’re selling lower-cost products, your profits may not be so big.

How do you calculate your dropshipping profit margin?

Calculating profit in dropshipping is a simple process. There are two key numbers you need to think about: how much the product costs you and how much you’re selling it for. Easy, right? But to get a super accurate picture, think about other costs, like fees you pay to the supplier, software costs, hosting fees, and more.

Here’s a simple formula for working out your profit margin

Margin = ((Sales Price – Cost) / Sales Price) x 100

Sales Price: How much you sell a product for.

Cost: How much that product costs you.

The resulting figure is the profit margin in percentage – it goes without saying that the higher the percentage, the better it is for your profits.

TOP TIP – Make sure to do this for every single product in your sales inventory. If you skip this step, you might miss out on some cash. So, do the math, and you’ll be on your way to avoiding a common dropshipping mistake and putting more money in your pocket.

What are high profit margin products?

A high-profit margin product is something you can sell at a price that’s more than what it costs to create, ship, and promote it. Figuring out what makes a product have a high-profit margin involves examining certain factors.

Demand – Go for things people really want. It doesn’t have to be the flashiest stuff, just something a lot of people are into. Find what’s popular among your target customers.

Cost efficiency – Aim for products that don’t cost a lot to access or produce. The lower your production and sourcing costs, the more money you can make from your sales.

Portability – Think small and light. Products that are easy and cheap to ship and store can boost your profits because you spend less on shipping and storage.

Repeat sales potential – Look for products people might buy again and again. If your customers keep coming back for more, it means you can sell the product consistently throughout the year, which is great for your profits.


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The most profitable dropshipping products to sell online

Several factors determine what are high-margin products.

Quality – A product with good quality often commands a higher price, allowing for a better profit margin.

Problem-solving – Products that solve a problem or meet a need in the market can justify a higher price and better margins.

Social media trends – Products that align with current trends on social media can have increased demand, allowing for higher pricing and better profits.

Uniqueness – Unique products that stand out in the market can often be priced higher, contributing to a higher profit margin.

Market scarcity – If a product is rare or hard to find, it can be priced higher, resulting in a better profit margin.

Seasonality – Some products are in higher demand during specific seasons, and if you can tap into that demand, you may achieve better margins.

Understanding these factors helps in choosing products that not only sell well but also contribute to a healthier profit margin in your dropshipping business.

Categories and products for high profit dropshipping products

Choosing the right products for your online store and your dropshipping business can be difficult, but not impossible with a little research.

You can check what’s trending on social media sites like TikTok, or Instagram, or by using dropshipping websites and analytics platforms.

  • TikTok Hashtags
  • AliExpress Top Ranking
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Monetha
  • Spocket
  • Social shopping sites
  • Ahrefs
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza

Identifying high profit margin products

Choosing a profitable niche is a critical decision in kickstarting your dropshipping venture. A well-chosen niche allows you to cultivate a loyal community and offer products tailored to your audience’s preferences.

The right niche minimizes advertising costs by targeting customers actively seeking products like yours. In this blog post, we guide you on navigating the intricacies of dropshipping niches. From utilizing free research tools to identifying trending niches and discovering compelling product ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re considering personal interests or trending market themes, our insights aim to empower your decision-making process for a successful dropshipping store.

Here are some good niche areas to start your high profit dropshipping business:

  • Clothing
  • Eco-friendly clothing
  • Kids’ clothing
  • Healthy and beauty products
  • Art products
  • Custom canvas prints and posters
  • Customized phone cases
  • Gaming mouse pads
  • Eco tote bags
  • Pet supplies


Clothing is a popular category for dropshipping, but beware, it’s a bustling market with many competitors.

To thrive, consider concentrating on high-demand products, such as custom or personalized clothing.

For inspiration, Google Trends can clue you in on what’s hot and help carve your unique space in the competitive world of dropshipping clothing.

Eco-friendly clothing

As people grow increasingly mindful of environmental impact, there’s a growing interest in eco-friendly products. This prompts the question of whether venturing into dropshipping with a focus on sustainability is a viable idea. However, there can be no doubt that Eco-friendly fashions should be considered a nice category in the world of dropshipping.

Kids’ clothing

Kid’s clothing stands out as an excellent niche market for dropshipping due to its perpetual demand. Parents are consistently seeking affordable, stylish options for their growing children. With ever-changing trends and the need for a variety of sizes, kid’s clothing offers a steady market where dropshippers can thrive by providing convenience and diverse choices to parents worldwide.

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Health and beauty products

Health and beauty products emerge as a lucrative niche market for dropshipping owing to their universal appeal. The consistent demand for skincare, cosmetics, and wellness items, coupled with the desire for diverse product choices, creates an ideal landscape for dropshippers. The flexibility to adapt to emerging trends and the continuous demand for new and innovative products makes health and beauty an attractive and evergreen niche in the dropshipping industry.

Custom prints and posters

Custom cprints and posters stand out as a highly attractive niche market for dropshipping due to the personalization trend in home decor. Consumers seek unique and customizable art pieces to adorn their spaces. With the ability to offer tailored prints, dropshippers can tap into the demand for individuality, allowing customers to express their style through personalized artwork. This niche provides an avenue for dropshippers to cater to a growing market that values both artistry and personal touch in home design.

Customized phone cases

Custom phone cases prove to be an enticing niche market for dropshipping, driven by the desire for personalized tech accessories. In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, consumers seek unique ways to express their style. Dropshippers offering customizable phone cases tap into this demand, allowing customers to design their cases with personal photos or creative elements. This niche not only capitalizes on the individuality trend but also caters to the constant need for new, fashionable phone accessories.

Gaming mouse pads

Mouse pads for gaming represent a thriving niche market in dropshipping, driven by the explosive growth of the gaming industry. As gaming enthusiasts continually invest in optimizing their gaming setups, customized and high-performance mouse pads have become a sought-after accessory. Dropshippers in this niche can capitalize on the demand for specialized gaming gear, providing a range of mouse pads designed for different gaming preferences and styles.

Eco tote bags

Eco-friendly tote bags are an appealing niche market for dropshipping due to the growing emphasis on sustainable living. With environmental consciousness on the rise, consumers seek alternatives to single-use plastics, making reusable tote bags a popular choice. Dropshippers can tap into this eco-conscious demand by offering a variety of stylish and eco-friendly tote bags. The appeal lies not only in the functional aspect but also in contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle, making it a socially responsible and profitable niche in the world of e-commerce and dropshipping.

Conclusion – Finding the right products is key to profitable dropshipping

Well-researched product selection is the key to dropshipping success. From custom phone cases to eco-friendly tote bags, strategic insight – powered by research – and market awareness are vital to a thriving e-commerce business. Each chosen product holds the potential for profitability, unlocking a viable business by meeting demand and resonating with the target audience.

Success and profitability in dropshipping is always led by niche selection, product quality, and market trends. Whether it’s clothing, health, beauty, electronics, sport, or art, understanding the market pulse will help ensure sustained profitability and market legitimacy.

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