The 7 Best Cash Back Gas Apps to Save on Fuel and Get Rewards

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As inflation continues to wreak havoc on the economy, consumer goods and services prices grow yearly, further squeezing people’s budgets. Gas, in particular, is becoming extremely expensive. Visiting local gas stations has almost become a terrifying experience. The astonishing spike in petrol costs is unmistakable, and it has caused great concern for many.

Thankfully, there is a comforting prospect-cash back apps.  

This kind of app allows you to earn money for the purchase while using their platform. To start saving, you need to download the app on your smartphone, enable location services on your phone and in the app and wait for the app to offer you the best and most relevant deals nearby. The app records your purchases and helps you earn money after your transactions are approved and completed.

Some apps give you better rewards than others when you go to a gas station to fill up your tank. So, if you’re interested to know which one is the best for you, read on to discover the best cash back gas apps to help you save money.  


1. GetUpside – The Best Free Gas App  

Demand for gas is high, with many people filling up their tanks from their nearest gas stations at least once a week. A wide range of activities like driving to work, attending social events, and traveling, among others, may keep you fixed on your gas gauge. The app leverages this necessity to make your life easier.  

GetUpside is an easy way to earn money back on your everyday purchases. However, it is geared principally towards finding deals on gas. Notwithstanding, if you’re interested in an all-inclusive saving app that lets you earn back money, not just on gas alone but groceries and restaurant bills, then, GetUpside is your go-to app. You can earn your money back after spending at participating locations with myriad business offers available.  

This easy-to-use app can save you up to 25 cents per gallon each time you buy gas in places like Chevron, Shell, Mobil, Sunoco, Exxon, Circle K, and many others. Download the smartphone app to find the best deals around your location, activate them and use your credit or debit card at the pump as you fill up.  

Follow the app instructions: either upload your receipts or check in at selected locations to get rewarded. You also get money back on their gas purchases if you refer someone. You can cash out whenever you decide through PayPal, your bank account, or a digital gift card. It is worth noting that cash back offers will change as gas prices fluctuate.  

Here are the pros and cons of this app to give you a wholesome view. 



  • The app is free and easy to use 

  • It does not require lots of personal information 

  • There is no limit to your potential earnings 

  • There is no minimum balance required to cash out 

  • You can choose your portal of payment 

  • Offers good customer support 



  • The app is geographically limited regarding cash back, especially at restaurants and grocery stores.  

  • Though the app touts relationships with many brands, not all the retailer locations offer cash back.  

  • The instant offer is not static, but varies with location and service. 


2. Trunow – Best for Gas Rewards 

Trunow app lets you save on every gas purchase you make despite your location. Like GetUpside, it allows you to earn cash back rewards when you visit gas stations, buy groceries, do shopping online, and pay restaurant bills. This gas app also has the advantage of helping you find the cheapest gas prices nearby and rewards you extra for in-store purchases.  

The primary way to earn from this app is through money back rewards. The app’s primary purpose is to help you find fair prices for gas and earn a bit of cash when you purchase it from any gas station. The good thing about Trunow is that it lets you earn money from both the gas stations partnered with them and those that haven’t.  

However, the percentage you earn from the gas stations in partnership with them is two percent (2%), while you make only a percent (1%) cash back from the non-partner gas stations.  

In addition, the app offers deals that do not allow you to earn money directly but offer you discounts that technically serve the same purpose. You also get a bonus if you get someone to sign up by sharing your referral link with them.  

To use the app, simply download it, register, and put it on your mobile location to access deals. Pick a deal and complete the purchase, then take a picture of the gas receipt and upload it to the app. You will receive your rebate once it is approved. Payment is through PayPal account, or your earnings can be used to purchase at any Trunow partner store or gas station.  

Here are the strengths and drawbacks of the app: 



  • It offers an easy way to earn 

  • User-friendly app 

  • It helps you find cheap gas prices 



  • Offers limited earning opportunities and low cash back rates 

  • High PayPal withdrawal fee of fifty percent (50%) 

  • There is no set time to process uploaded gas receipts: earning your rebate can take days or even weeks.  


3. PetrolPrices – The Best Gas Discount App in the UK

The PetrolPrices app saves you time and money at most UK gas stations. It allows you to assess petrol, diesel, and premium gasoline prices at major UK gas stations and read the opinions of other users. You can filter by postcode, town, or city, then filter results by brand, fuel type, or nearby gas stations. You may also contribute by reporting fuel prices and offering station-specific comments.

Each pricing update or confirmation you provide earns points and entitles you to exclusive perks.

Additionally, you may remain current on important vehicle upgrades. Add your vehicle to the handy garage function to receive MOT and tax renewal reminders.



  • Cheap fuel

  • Low transaction fees

  • Good customer service.



  • No loyalty program

  • Limited locations (available only in most major cities).


4. Clever Tanken – The Popular Gas App in Germany

This app lets you check current fuel prices and monitor locations where fuel has been sold at discounted rates in the past (so you know where to go!). You can also find coupons from local businesses offering discounts on their products or services—it’s a great way to save money when buying groceries or getting your hair cut! 



  • Huge variety of locations

  • Cheap fuel (compared to others)

  • No transaction fees.



  • A limited number of cars supported by the app 


5. Ibotta – The Best Rewards App for Overall Purchases

Ibotta works a little differently from the other best apps as it is not specifically a major fuel rewards app, and it saves money on a variety of purchases, gas inclusive. With Ibotta, you can get cash back from your nearest gas station, grocery stores, hotels (learn more about cash back on hotels here), restaurants, bars, and even OTT platforms like Hulu.   

There is a mobile app and a browser extension. Hence, it can be used on a computer. It is very lucrative and can help you earn a lot of money on items others can’t. You can earn on purchases from food delivery sites, hotel booking sites, pharmacies, movie theatres, etc.  

While it won’t make you rich, this app sometimes pays as high as 10%-20% money back on your daily purchases. This is perhaps the best thing about Ibotta.  

 In addition, it offers welcome bonuses to new users and referral bonuses of about $25 per person and $50 after the 5th referral. Wow!  

 To use the app, download the app and sign up to find offers through various stores. Claim an offer, make a purchase, upload your gas station receipt, or link your loyalty card to the app to claim your rebate. Payment is through PayPal in cash or with free gift cards.  

 To everything, there is a great and a not-so-great part. Let’s explore them. 



  • Easy to use 

  • Creates an opportunity to get highly discounted prices 

  • Offers a combination of coupons, store sales, and cash back 



  • Minimum requirement of $20 to cash out 

  • No Venmo cash-out option 

  • The danger of overspending to grow your cash back earnings. 


6. GasBuddy – The Best Gas Saving App in the US 

GasBuddy is a great app and a free gas card that allows you to earn extra money on every fill-up. This app allows you to earn money for all your purchases by shopping, eating at restaurants, and online travel booking through selected retailers. 

 This gas app also helps you check for cheaper gas prices using the handy filters that allow you to sort prices, locations, and even the availability of restrooms. These features make it perfect for road trips. The app is basically for gas and can let you save up to 25 cents per gallon after using the GasBuddy fuel card to pay at the pump.  

The GasBuddy fuel card is a free payment card linked to your account and deducts the amount paid for your gas purchase at 25 cents lower than advertised at the pump.  

 The strongest feature of GasBuddy is its community base. It receives gas prices submitted by users across the United States and Canada and uses a points-based system of rewards to incentivize user data submissions.  

 This app can also help you save money in other ways as well. You can track your driving habits, report updated gas prices and log your fill-ups. You also earn points for reporting gas prices from stations around you.  

 The best news is, you can win free gas! GasBuddy is definitely your buddy.  

 Below are the pros and cons of this app. 



  • Easy to download and use 

  • App is free 

  • Charges no monthly fee 

  • No credit check is required to obtain your GasBuddy card.



  • The minimum amount of 20$ needed for the payout 

  • It is not accepted everywhere 

  • The offers found within the app are store-specific 

  • Does not offer cash back on purchases 

  • Requires you to spend heavily in certain categories to get gas back rewards. 


7. Blue – The Gas App that Pays You Back 

Without mentioning Blue, this list of the best apps to get cash back on gas would be incomplete. Blue is the app for you if you are in Brazil and looking to earn on your gas purchases. With top ratings and great reviews, this app gives you money back for purchasing convenience store items, eating at restaurants, and especially at gas stations in Brazil. 

 It is easy to use. All you need to do is download the app and set up your account, then make purchases and pay with your credit or debit card as you would normally. A real-time refund is then made on the part of the amount you have spent into your Blue account.  

 The credit doesn’t expire and can be used for any business in the Blue network.  

Let’s look at the pros and cons below. 



  • It is easy to use 

  • Offers cash back on gas purchases 

  • There is no limit to your potential earnings. 



  • The app is geographically limited to Brazil 

  • It is not accepted in every store or nearby gas stations. 


Other Ways to Earn Cash Back or Free Gas 

Several other smartphone apps allow you to save money on your purchases, especially for gas. Continue reading to discover different ways to earn cash back or free gas. 


The Checkout 51 App 

This free and easy-to-use app provides rewards on gas and groceries. It works by selecting cash back offers and uploading receipts after making payments. Users also employ the app to scout for nearby offers, which can be as high as 10 cents per gallon.  

 Once the offers are selected, users are expected to make a purchase within 4 hours and upload their receipts within 24 hours.  


Credit Cards 

This option is for you if you are not opposed to using credit cards to pay for gas. You could get as much as 3% cash back. Examples are 3% rewards on gas with Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express, 2% rewards on purchases with Citi Double Cash, and many others.  

With credit cards, you must pay off your balance each month for it to be worthwhile. If not, the interest you pay may be greater than your cash back.  


Gas Station Loyalty Programs 

Although they do not provide cash back, this free loyalty program provides equal match discounts and prizes. Shell, for example, offers members 3-5 percent off per gallon in gasoline incentives and the opportunity to earn discounts at associated businesses when they make purchases.

At Exxon Mobil Rewards+, customers are offered at least 3 percent off a gallon and an opportunity not to earn more rewards. The list goes on. 



To drive a vehicle, you need gas, frequent maintenance, and part upgrades. This is required for your safety on the road, but it can considerably impact your savings. Monetha has partnerships with top auto dealers through which users can earn redeemable points for gift cards, crypto coins, or charitable donations.



Gas cash back apps are fantastic. With the rise in fuel prices, rewards and discounts are more valuable than ever. Even if they only offer a few cents a gallon in savings, they provide relief.

This is what cash back gas applications are all about: saving money to alleviate the pain at the pump and make your life easier.

And if you are looking to save not only in gas, but get cash back everywhere, make sure you check out our list with the best cash back apps!


Gas apps are free apps that work with geofencing ( a virtual parameter that matches a real-life geographical location, used by businesses to boost sales and service opportunities).  

Businesses set up virtual boundaries in specific locations, so users receive notifications and discounts once they enter the geofence.  

For example, if you are looking to get gas at cheaper rates, your smartphone pops up notifications for a discount on your gas purchase as soon as you drive near your local gas station.   

This varies depending on the app in question. Some gas apps help you locate cheap fuel, others give back direct cash, and some provide monetary rewards to offset your gas expenses after registering with them and uploading your receipts of payment following the fuel purchase at their partner gas stations. 

There’s no blanket answer to this question. The best cash app for gas will depend on what you are looking to find. GetUpside is the best for gas savings, Trunow is the best for locating the best gas prices wherever you are, GasBuddy will also help you find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood and help you save, even if it’s not typically a cash back app. 

Ibotta is not principally meant to be a major fuel rewards app; it can save you money on gas station purchases. If you want to save money on gas, you can combine Ibotta with other apps. 

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