The power of giving: Donate your online rewards to charities

The story of Oseola McCarty

Have you ever heard of a very special African American lady by the name of Oseola McCarty? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either, but I’m glad I did.

Born on a meager farm in rural Mississippi, the young McCarty grew up in the company of her mother, aunt, and grandmother where they grew small crops of corn, potatoes, peas, and watermelons. Life in the early 1900s was hard, so the family upped and moved to nearby Hattiesburg to try and improve their situation.

Young Oseola’s grandmother and mother made ends meet by washing clothes for well-off folk. According to McCarty, “They carried the water from the hydrant and filled up three big pots… Mama boiled the clothes – she wouldn’t scrub them – then rinsed and hung them on the line with wooden clothespins.”

Oseola’s Mama would let her little girl stand on a box and help with washing the smaller pieces. In time, she came to love the whole process of boiling the water, washing the clothes, hanging them out to dry, and ironing them late into the night.

When she was just 12, her aunt took sick and Oseola had to drop out of school to help at home. Although sad to miss out on her education, the young girl threw herself into her work washing, ironing, and earning small piles of pennies to help the family survive.

Pride in her work

As the years rolled by, Oseola McCarty’s name became synonymous with quality work done for a fair price. Her work was in such great demand that as her list of satisfied customers increased so did her piles of saved pennies and crumpled dollar bills.

Work was all she knew and those who knew her said she worked tirelessly day after day, and late into the night without complaint, and always with a big wide smile on her face.

McCarty was happy to be able to make a living doing a job that she loved, and a job she conducted with pride for over 75 years.

At the age of 87, setting aside just enough to live on, Oseola McCarty made headlines across the US by donating her entire life savings of $150,000 to establish a scholarship fund for African American students at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Despite a lifetime of modest means, Oseola’s act of generosity demonstrated her commitment to the power of education and helping others to improve their lot in life.

Her story inspired people worldwide and continues to remind us of every charitable contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

In her own words, McCarty described her life by saying, “I knew there were people who didn’t have to work as hard as I did, but it didn’t make me feel sad. I loved my work, and when you love to do anything, those things don’t bother you…”

McCarty knew she didn’t have to save the whole world, but she could play a part one little bit at a time. “I can’t do everything,” she once said, “but I can do something to help somebody. And what I can do I will do.”

And that’s where you come in.

How shopping can help make the world a better place

In today’s digital age, online rewards programs have become a popular way for individuals to earn incentives and benefits for simple tasks.

But what if we told you that you could use those rewards for a greater purpose? Imagine contributing to meaningful causes and making a difference in the world simply by donating your accumulated rewards.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • The world of online rewards programs
  • The significance of charitable donations
  • How you can maximize the impact of your rewards

So, let’s dive in and discover how a small act of generosity can create a ripple effect of positive change.

What are online rewards programs?

Before we delve into the realm of charitable donations, it’s essential to grasp the concept of online rewards programs.

These programs are designed to incentivize users for their engagement with a particular platform or service.

Whether it’s completing surveys, making purchases, playing games, downloading apps, or engaging with sponsored content, users earn points or rewards that can later be redeemed for various benefits such as gift cards, discounts, or exclusive experiences.

In return for a user’s input, they’ll earn and accumulate points that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards from gift cards and coupons to discounts and cryptocurrencies.

Plus, with many legitimate rewards programs, points and rewards can be donated to a range of worthwhile charities.

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Let’s look at what types of rewards programs are out there.

Loyalty programs

Many businesses and retailers offer loyalty programs to reward customers for their continued support and purchases. These programs typically involve earning points based on the amount spent, the frequency of purchases, or the completion of a range of mini-tasks. Users can then redeem these points for gift cards, discounts, free products, or other exclusive perks.

One such respected online rewards program is the Monetha downloadable free app where users have access to almost two thousand online stores and hundreds of valuable gift cards as rewards. Users can also redeem their accumulated points to invest in cryptocurrencies or donate their earnings to a major international charity.

Cashback programs

Cashback programs are particularly popular in the realm of e-commerce and online shopping. When users make purchases through specific platforms or websites, they receive a percentage of the purchase amount back as cashback. This can be in the form of actual cash or credits that can be used for future purchases.

You can use your reward to treat yourself to something else or save it for future purchases. It’s a win-win situation where users get things they love and something extra as a bonus.

Some examples of cashback programs are Monetha, Rakuten, Swagbucks, TopCashback, and Ibotta.

Survey and opinion rewards

Survey and opinion rewards programs are initiatives offered by online platforms to encourage users to share their thoughts and feedback on various topics. By participating in surveys or expressing their opinions, users can earn rewards such as points, gift cards, cash incentives, or exclusive access to new products or services. These programs provide a way for users to have their voices heard while receiving tangible benefits in return. Platforms value user opinions and use the insights gained from surveys and feedback to improve their offerings and better meet the needs of their users.

Some examples of survey and opinion rewards programs are Monetha, Survey Junkie, Toluna, and Opinion Outpost.

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Referral programs

Referral programs incentivize users to refer their friends, family, or contacts to a particular platform or service. When a referred user signs up or makes a purchase, the referring user earns rewards such as credits, discounts, or other bonuses. These programs encourage word-of-mouth marketing and help expand the user base.

Some examples of referral programs are Dropbox, Amazon Prime, Uber, and Airbnb.

Social media and engagement rewards

Some platforms reward users for their engagement and activity within their online community. This can include activities like liking posts, sharing content, commenting, or participating in challenges. Users may accumulate points or badges that can be exchanged for rewards such as merchandise, exclusive content, or virtual currency.

Some examples of cashback programs are Dropbox, Amazon Prime, Uber, Tik Tok, and Airbnb.

Shop around

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of rewards programs available online.

The specific types and benefits offered can vary greatly depending on the platform or service. Rewards programs are designed to enhance user experiences, promote user loyalty, and provide additional value to participants, ultimately creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the platform and its users.

The importance of giving back

Let’s look at why donating your online rewards to charities is a good thing to do.

Giving back to the community and supporting charitable organizations, locally and globally, can have a profound impact on both the beneficiaries and the donors themselves.

Here are a few reasons why charitable donations matter.

Making a Difference

Charitable donations provide crucial support to organizations striving to tackle pressing issues such as poverty, education, healthcare, food programs, emergency aid, and environmental conservation. Donating the rewards you’ve made via online rewards programs makes you part of a collective effort to bring about positive change.

Donating creates a profound sense of connection and belonging as the donor becomes part of a collective conscience driven by compassion and empathy. By contributing to a greater cause, the donor aligns themselves with a community of individuals who share a common vision of making a positive impact in the world.

Creating Social Impact

When you embrace the act of donating to charities, you embark on a transformative journey of addressing societal challenges and nurturing the seeds of social equality. Your selfless contributions become a catalyst for change, empowering marginalized communities to overcome barriers that obstruct their path to progress.

By extending a helping hand, you transcend mere benevolence and become an agent of profound social transformation. Through your unwavering support, you pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future, where every individual can access the resources and opportunities they rightfully deserve.

Promoting equality and justice

Making charitable donations to the right organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation can contribute to promoting social equality and justice in all corners of the modern world.

By supporting such organizations whose goal is to advocate for equal rights, access to education, healthcare, and greater opportunities, individuals can help bridge the gap of inequality and help create a more equitable society.

Personal Fulfillment

Generosity transcends mere acts of charity, as it carries a profound psychological and emotional impact. When you extend a helping hand to those in need, an inherent sense of fulfillment and purpose envelops you. It ignites a radiant joy within, permeating your being with a profound sense of satisfaction.

Through acts of generosity, you forge a deeper connection with the world around you, realizing the interconnectedness of humanity and the immense power of compassion.

Inspiring others

Making donations to charity can have a powerful impact on inspiring others to act. When people see someone generously giving to a cause they care about, it can motivate them to get involved too. It sets an example that giving is a meaningful and fulfilling way to make a difference in the world. It shows that even small acts of kindness can have a big impact and encourages others to consider how they can contribute in their own unique ways.

By inspiring others through our charitable actions, we create a ripple effect of compassion and generosity, making the world a better place together.

Maximizing the impact of your rewards

Now that we better understand the importance of charitable donations, let’s explore how you can maximize the impact of your online rewards.

Here are some strategies you might like to consider.

Research and choose reputable charities

When considering making donations to charity, it is essential to dedicate time to thorough research and identify reputable organizations that align with your values and the causes you are passionate about.

Seek out charities that prioritize transparency in their financial practices, openly sharing information about how donations are utilized. Additionally, look for organizations with a demonstrated track record of effectively making a positive impact in their respective fields.

By conducting such research, you can ensure that your donations are directed toward organizations that are legitimate, trustworthy, and have a genuine commitment to creating meaningful change.

Match donations

In the world of online rewards programs, there is one special kind of reward opportunity that can make your charitable donations even more impactful. These programs offer something called matching donation initiatives.

Here’s how it works. When you decide to donate to a charity that is important to you, some selected reward programs step in and match the amount that you want to contribute. This means that your donation gets doubled, making twice the difference, and creating an even greater positive impact. It’s like having your generosity multiplied and magnified.

By taking part in these initiatives, not only do you make a difference on your own, but you also inspire others to join in and contribute, multiplying the collective power of giving.

Spread the word

When you share your charitable endeavors with others, you have the incredible potential to inspire them to follow suit. Social media platforms and personal networks offer a fantastic avenue to spread the word about the causes close to your heart and motivate others to get involved.

By sharing stories, photos, or even just a heartfelt message about your experiences and the impact you’ve witnessed, you can raise awareness and ignite a spark of compassion in others. Your act of sharing becomes a powerful invitation for others to join in, multiplying the collective effort and creating a wave of positive change.

So, don’t hesitate to let your friends, family, and online community know about the causes you support and encourage them to embark on their own charitable journeys.

Consider Regular Contributions

Instead of making a single donation, consider the option of giving regularly if you can. Many online rewards programs provide the opportunity to set up recurring donations, allowing you to provide a steady stream of support to the charities you care about.

By opting for regular contributions, you ensure a consistent and reliable flow of assistance to the causes that matter most to you. This ongoing support can make a significant and lasting impact, helping charitable organizations plan and implement long-term initiatives effectively.

It’s a way to extend your generosity beyond a one-time act and maintain a meaningful connection with the causes you support over time.

The culture behind donations

The act of donating to charities has evolved into a vibrant culture that transcends traditional giving.

Even though when people think of charities and philanthropy, they tend to think of people like Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Elton John, Angelina Jolie, and many others, most charitable dollars come from ordinary donors like you and me.

Thanks to advances in digital technology, as a society we are now instantly aware of the plights of others, such as famine, natural disasters, food crises, and conflict, and can act immediately.

This has given rise to both collective and individual responses like never seen before and has given rise to a whole new culture.

Below, you’ll find a few interesting aspects of the donation culture.


The culture of charitable donations has been revolutionized thanks to online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, along with the rise in popularity of the community-enabled practice of crowdfunding.

Through crowdfunding, regular folks like you and me have the power to directly support specific causes or projects that we truly care about.

With the ability to make a direct impact, and with added transparency, you can see exactly where your donations are going and just how much of a difference they are making. A digitally connected world has given us all the ability to change lives for the better with just a few clicks.

From the comfort of our own homes, we can be part of a global culture of generosity that makes a positive impact and brings about real change in the world.

Employee engagement

In business, many organizations have adopted a culture of compassion and social responsibility among their employees. They go the extra mile to encourage their staff to get involved in charitable initiatives, igniting a sense of purpose and a deep understanding of their ability to make a difference.

And here’s where it gets even better. Some companies take it to the next level by matching their employees’ donations. That means every dollar or pound or euro that an employee contributes is doubled, instantly doubling the positive impact.

It’s a wonderful way for companies and their employees to join hands and create a common culture that brings valuable rewards for the company, while leaving a lasting imprint on communities and causes that need vital support.


Behind the culture of making donations to charity, micro-donations have emerged as a powerful and popular way to create a big impact through small contributions.

It’s incredible how these tiny acts of giving, when combined, can make a significant difference.

Thanks to online platforms, it’s become so easy for anyone, no matter their financial capacity, to participate in this culture of giving. With just a few clicks, you can make a small donation that adds up with others, creating a wave of positive change that reaches far and wide.

It’s a worthwhile reminder that every contribution matters, and together, we can make a meaningful impact on the causes we care about most.

Social entrepreneurship

 In the ever-evolving culture of making donations to charity, we’re witnessing the rise of social entrepreneurship and its remarkable impact. These innovative businesses are not only focused on making a profit but also on creating positive social and environmental change.

They’ve integrated these values right into their core operations, making a difference sustainably. By supporting these ventures through donations, we become part of this exciting movement, amplifying their already significant influence.

It’s a powerful way to contribute to a culture that values both financial success and making the world a better place, all at the same time.

Donating your online rewards to charities represents a powerful way to contribute to society and make a difference in the lives of others. By understanding how online rewards programs work, recognizing the importance of giving back and implementing strategies to maximize your impact, you can transform your rewards into a force for good.

Remember, the act of giving is not limited to monetary donations alone, it also encompasses sharing your time, skills, and resources to uplift communities and create a better world for all.

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The Monetha online rewards app lets users earn points for doing their regular shopping with one of the company’s trusted online retailers, completing surveys, and even just for signing up or referring others.

Monetha users can spend their accumulated points on a huge range of gift vouchers from some of the world’s top retailers, like eBay, Apple, Disney, Airbnb, Baskin Robbins, Spotify, PlayStation, Nike, and hundreds of others.

Or, if you prefer, points can be redeemed to invest in a range of cryptocurrencies.

But if you want to benefit others and make the world a better place, Monetha lets you donate your credits to a collection of US and international charities.

And even if you can’t decide which charity to donate to, you can always choose an organization like Global Living which specializes in managing relationships between donors and deserving causes.

Embrace the culture of donations, inspire others to join you, and let’s make a lasting impact through collective generosity.

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