11 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2023

It's so easy to earn free crypto!

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Cryptocurrency, as the name suggests, is a form of currency. However, it’s also an investment, so it lends itself to some unique methods for earning. Capital gains, mining, current income and bonus earnings are a few of the ways to earn free crypto in 2023.

Capital gains refer to the earnings brought in from gains in the value of your coins. You invest in a cryptocurrency at one value, wait for its value to increase, then sell when the time is right. This method is great for those who want to follow what the market is up to and move on its ebbs and flows.

Looking for passive income ideas? Current income is a term investors use to describe earnings that get pulled in from dividends. In traditional finance, dividends come from public companies distributing a portion of their earnings to those that hold shares in their company. Earning dividends in the crypto market can get a bit more complicated, with each currency operating under different rules and regulations. But typically, dividend earnings come from methods of staking and holding, which we’ll discuss in detail below. 

Earning crypto in 2023 involves incorporating all the traditional methods that have been around since the inception of the blockchain, like mining. But now that crypto’s gone mainstream, users can take advantage of an abundance of bonus sign-on offers and other incentives offered by the many competing platforms.


1. New User Incentives

Cash in coins just for signing up! Create a portfolio on any number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms or wallets that offer a sign-on bonus and earn free crypto instantly. Bonuses are typically paid out in crypto or crypto-assets. Some platforms reward users simply for signing up, while others require you to make your first purchase or deposit and to maintain a certain balance for a specified length of time before you can collect. 

While sign-up incentives like free crypto are an enticing offer as you search for the right exchange or wallet, make sure to keep in mind all the other benefits of the platform and how they stack up against others. The initial reward may be a sign of long-term rewards to joining, or it could distract from other options that offer better long-term success. Whatever you choose, just make sure to weigh your options and see how the platform you choose stacks up against competitors.


2. Sweepstakes

Many platforms go above and beyond the sign-up bonus by offering a sign-up sweepstakes with a chance to win big. New users will be prompted to sign up for the sweepstakes upon creating their new account and be entered into a drawing for potentially massive crypto earnings. Of course, this isn’t the most reliable method, but if you want to take your chances to earn big, find a site that offers sweepstakes and sign up!

PS: If you’re interested in sweepstakes, make sure you check out our article about free giveaways!


3. Refer a Friend

After signing up to the platform of your choice, be sure to check whether you have the option to refer a friend and earn free crypto. Many companies offer this incentive. All you have to do is let a friend know what crypto exchange or wallet you’re working with and if they qualify you can earn a quick reward for making the connection. You’ve done your research, so help a friend make the choice and cash in on the rewards.


4. Learn and Earn

Take part in educational courses to learn about crypto and earn as you learn. Courses offered are typically short and focused on one aspect of the market, offering a modest reward for participation. However, take multiple courses and the earnings can really add up! Double up on the rewards with some bonus and free education that will help you manage your investments. Win-win!

It's so easy to earn free crypto!

Do your regular shopping via rewards app, earn points and exchange them to crypto, including BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT!

5. Reward Apps

These days, there are many apps that offer rewards for participating in their programs. With these you can get some free crypto through methods that are fun and convenient. Examples of reward apps are platforms that allow you to shop and earn or to play and earn. 

Shop and earn means you’ll be getting free coins just for making purchases in the app that you would already be making, and getting rewarded for it. Play and earn apps allow you to rake in the coin for completing some simple tasks or playing crypto games. Monetha and Freecash are some popular examples of reward-based apps for earning free crypto, where you can shop and earn money.


6. Crypto Mining

Crypto mining can be an interesting way to get some great rewards. Mineable cryptocurrencies rely on miners to maintain their network by solving complex equations and proving the validity of transactions made on the blockchain. Digital currencies that operate this way are working off the proof-of-work model. In exchange for providing this service, miners earn rewards in the form of digital currency.

A mineable digital currency like Bitcoin has a transaction record called a ledger that is validated by computers solving math problems that become exceedingly complex over time, depending on how fast the miners are solving them. While these problems were relatively easy in the early days, and solvable by a simple processor, in 2023 they’re complex and require massive computing power. 

These days, miners are up against the tough competition of mining farms, huge data centers of high-end computers focused solely on mining. If you want to mine digital currencies it’s still possible with a strong internet connection and advanced computer, however, you may want to consider joining a mining pool. A mining pool is a collection of regular miners without access to a mining farm, who pool their resources in order to mine more effectively.


7. Crypto Staking

There are a couple of ways to earn regular, passive income in this market and crypto staking is one of them. Not all digital currencies and crypto exchanges offer staking, so make sure to find a coin that does. Cryptocurrencies that use the proof-of-stake model to process payments reward users who stake because it helps to verify their transactions. This model is a more energy-efficient alternative to the proof-of-work model that requires mining with a lot of computing power and electricity to solve equations.

So, how does staking work? First, users pledge coins to the crypto protocol and from those validators are chosen to confirm blocks of transactions. This choice operates by random selection. The more you choose to pledge, the higher chance you have of being chosen as a validator and therefore paid out by the network. 

With every block that’s added to the blockchain, new crypto coins are created and distributed to the block’s validator as staking rewards. When you stake coins, they are still in your possession but they’re being put aside from being available as currency and are instead being put to work. You are free to unstake them later on to trade with, although some cryptocurrencies will require that you commit to staking them for a specified amount of time.

To get started staking your digital currencies, just find a coin that uses the proof-of-stake model and choose the amount to stake. You can do this through most cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Some coins offer high-interest rates for staking, and this can be an excellent option for regular crypto earnings. Many platforms support staking, including Coinbase, Binance, eToro and Gemini (we’ve listed the best crypto staking platforms here).


8. HODLing

If you’re wondering about how to start investing in crypto, this might be the best way to begin with.

HODLing is a long-haul commitment. Buying digital currencies and simply holding it in your wallet can reap real rewards. In the digital currency world, this is often referred to as HODLing. It stands for “Hold On for Dear Life” and is an acronym that refers to the rewards traders can earn for simply holding on to their crypto assets. 

The prices of digital currencies are notoriously volatile, but HODLers don’t have to worry about that, they simply buy and hold. Many long-term investors believe that these digital assets will eventually replace the current fiat currency system.

On this strategy, all you have to do is buy some coin through your chosen exchange and hold on to it in your crypto wallet. Some currencies will pay out HODLers for simply carrying the digital coins in their wallets long-term. 

The HODL token on the Binance Smart Chain is one such example. This coin encourages users to hold on to their coins for Binance coin rewards by depositing them into a liquidity pool. Rewards are then distributed every three days. These rewards come from taxes on transactions made by users during the sale, purchase, or transfer of HODL coins. The amount taxed is converted into Binance coin and a percentage of the gains is redistributed back to users.


9. Lending Coins

Lending can help you to earn regular interest payments. While staking involves leasing your crypto to the blockchain to earn dividends, lending means that you lease your coins to a borrower. 

You can earn interest on your investments by holding it in a crypto loan platform and allowing companies to give out loans to the general public. This generates interest earnings that then get split with you. High-interest rates allow you the potential to earn significant passive income in the form of interest payments. 

While staking typically locks up your earnings for a specified period of time many lending platforms allow you to access earnings anytime you like. The Blockfi and Compound platforms are two of the most popular options for lending.


10. Sell for Capital Gains

Cryptocurrencies are technically currencies, as they can be used in transactions. However, they are also considered to be assets and can be traded for capital gains. Buy digital currencies when the price is low and sell once prices have gone up. If you sell your it for a higher price than you bought it for, you make gains and earn crypto!


11. Forks

Forks are when an upgrade to a blockchains protocol results in the chain splitting into two separate chains. One of them continues to run the protocol that has been running, while the other runs the upgraded protocol. These come in the form of hard and soft forks. 

A soft fork is an upgrade that doesn’t result in a split, so long as it’s adopted by the majority of nodes on the network. This kind of fork doesn’t result in earnings potential for users.

Hard foks are different though, and offer the potential for passive income. A hard fork occurs when miners disagree on which set of protocols to use to continue validating transactions. A split occurs in the choin, in which one group rejects the software upgrade in favor of business as usual. 

The other group adopts a new set of protocols for validating transactions and adding blocks to a new chain. When this happens, holders of the crypto from the old chain are given the same amount of coins from the new forked chain. Miners, however, must pick a chain to continue validating transactions for each node they are running.

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The Best 9 Platforms to Get Free Crypto


1. Binance

Binance is the name for both a digital currency (BNB) and an exchange. It’s well known for crypto-to-crypto trading and has one of the lowest transaction fees of the exchange platforms. It offers discounts to users who pay with the BNB coin. It also offers the option of using a basic trading platform for beginners, or an advanced one for the more experienced traders.


2. Blockfi

As a centralized finance platform (CeFi), Blockfi offers beginning lenders support and customer service that will be helpful as they gain experience. It offers crypto buying, selling and earning and is a popular platform for lending your digital currencies. 

You can sign up for the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card and earn 1.5% back in crypto with every purchase. Blockfi also supports bringing friends to the party. For every person that signs up with the referral code they give you, the platform will fund $100 or more into their account and you and that friend earns $10 in Bitcoin.


3. Compound

Another popular option that supports lending, Compound is a decentralized finance platform (Defi) platform. This type of platform embodies crypto’s initial mission to remove third parties, but can be more difficult to navigate if new to this. 

When users first visit Compound’s dashboard, they’re prompted to connect a wallet. Once connected, a Supply Balance and Borrow Balance will be displayed. The Supply Markets and Borrow Markets will also be available. These are the assets you can either supply to Compound to start earning interest, or the ones you can borrow. 


4. Coinbase

This popular trading platform offers a digital wallet, staking options and a variety of digital currencies. It’s a centralized exchange, meaning that your transactions are monitored and assets are secured on your behalf, meaning it’s a great option for beginners or those looking for a traditional brokerage experience. 

You can get free crypto on sign-up and get the option to sign up for a major sweepstakes giveaway when you do. They also offer a Learn program, in which you watch educational videos and take a quiz. If you answer the questions correctly, you earn, simple as that! Coinbase also gives a bonus for referring a friend to their platform.


5. Exodus

Exodus is similar to Coinbase in its offerings. However, it’s a decentralized exchange, and has a different approach to fees and features. It provides the platform for trading and earning, but doesn’t track your trading. Instead, it supports peer-to-peer trading. Those opting for more control over their assets and more options for coins may want to go with this platform.


6. Monetha 

The Monetha app offers smart shopping with the opportunity to earn crypto on the purchases you make. Shop on the app at over 1200 shops and earn points for every purchase. These points add up and can be exchanged for crypto and gift cards. You can also earn points by completing paid surveys via Monetha’s app. Also, you will have the chance to participate in exclusive giveaways just for Monetha users.


7. Freecash

With the Freecash app you can get paid to play games and complete tasks. The rewards are in the form of gift cards or crypto. After signing up you can start to earn by sharing opinions, installing certain apps, subscribing to free trials or by playing games.


8. eToro

A unique offering of eToro is the virtual portfolio, which allows you to play around with $100,000 in virtual money in order to learn and hone your skills before doing any real trading. This platform allows you to earn free crypto through investing and trading. It’s also a type of social trading network that allows users to imitate the trades of experienced investors or receive perks when they share their own strategies.


9. Gemini 

New users on Gemini get $7 in Ethereum (ETH) after sign-up. The platform is an exchange, allowing you to buy, sell and store your coins. It allows you the opportunity to earn interest through the Gemini Earn program, offering up to 8.05% annual percentage yield. Users in the United States can benefit from rewards on every purchase with the Gemini Mastercard.


Be Aware: Don’t Get Scammed

A good rule of thumb to avoid all types of scams is if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Follow your intuition and be sure to pause if anything seems off and get more information before proceeding with a platform. Be skeptical of offers found on social media sites or ones that require you to follow certain links or send personal information. Find a reputable platform, like the ones we’ve listed here and go to it directly to find their current offerings. 



So, there’s the rundown of all the ways to earn free crypto rewards in 2023. Some take considerable initial investment and effort, while others are passive streams of easy income. As the market has grown in popularity, it’s led to an explosion of offerings and options, but also to some confusion over which route to take. Regardless of where you’re at in this economy, there’s a method that’s accessible to you. This rundown provides the roadmap to earning, you choose the route.

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Yes, while some methods of earning crypto involve initial investment, others require you to simply sign up and start earning.

The easiest way to earn crypto is to sign up with platforms that provide consistent ways to earn without consistent effort. Signing up for apps that let you earn just for using their platform, or with cryptocurrencies and wallets that let you earn simply for choosing them.

Free cryptocurrencies are available on reward apps like Monetha and Freecash. Other apps and crypto credit cards like Binance and – which are crypto exchanges – also offer cash back when you shop using their cards.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, so be wary of apps and platforms that tell you otherwise. It does, however, offer unique strategies for earning. So make sure to set yourself up with several methods of earning digital currencies, especially ones that let you rake in a passive income stream.

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