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BioCare AnteNatal BioFlora - 30 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
BioCare AnteNatal BioFlora - 30 Capsules
BioCare's Pregnancy Probiotic is a specialized blend featuring the latest LAB4B, BioCare's industry-leading probiotics. Tailored for use by women during pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester, it includes a proprietary blend of bacteria, including Bifidobacterium bifidum & lactis, Lactobacillus paracasei, and Lactobacillus salivarius.
23.51 GBP
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BioCare Bio-Acidophilus - 60 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
BioCare Bio-Acidophilus - 60 Capsules
BioCare's BioAcidophilus, part of the Essentials range, brings you an advanced blend of clinically researched LAB4 complex live bacteria for daily use. With 20 billion per daily intake, including human-compatible strains and FOS, this comprehensive formula supports a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria for optimal gut function.
22.74 GBP
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BioCare Female Biotic - 30 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
BioCare Female Biotic - 30 Capsules
BioCare's Female Biotic, part of the Essentials range, combines 10 billion clinically researched live bacteria with cranberry and vitamin B6 for comprehensive female intimate health. Carefully selected strains mirror the healthy vaginal microbiome, while cranberries and vitamin B6 provide optimal support for urinary tract health and hormone balance.
22.58 GBP
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Biocare Vitamin D3 4000iu - 30 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
Biocare Vitamin D3 4000iu - 30 Capsules
Give yourself the gift of optimal immune and bone support with BioCare's High Strength Vegan Vitamin D3, delivering 4000 IU per capsule. Formulated for effectiveness, this highest-strength vitamin D supplement ensures strong bones, balanced blood calcium and phosphorus levels, and supports a healthy immune system in a convenient one-a-day capsule.
15.72 GBP
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About BioCare

With over 30 years of commitment to optimal health, BioCare has emerged as a leading provider of advanced nutritional supplements. Rooted in a holistic, naturopathic approach, the brand focuses on developing products based on the latest research and clinical practice to meet the unique and dynamic needs of individuals.

BioCare’s range of meticulously crafted supplements is formulated with effectiveness in mind, never compromising on quality. Manufactured in the UK and free from unnecessary additives, these supplements stand out for their commitment to excellence and care in sourcing.

Understanding the complexity of health, BioCare offers a diverse selection of expertly formulated products. Whether seeking everyday essentials, specific health solutions, or personalized options, the brand’s flexible range allows individuals to tailor their nutrition to meet their distinct needs. The emphasis on providing a variety of supplement forms, including capsules, powders, and liquids, ensures accessibility and ease of use for everyone.

BioCare’s dedication to supporting individuals on their health journey extends beyond product offerings. The brand provides free expert nutritional advice through a trusted Nutrition Team comprised of UK-based Nutritional Therapists. This support aims to help individuals understand their health needs, choose the right products, and receive valuable nutritional guidance.

BioCare is not just a supplement provider; it’s a reliable partner in health. With a steadfast focus on product quality, diversity, and expert support, BioCare empowers individuals to prioritize their well-being and be the healthiest versions of themselves.

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BioCare FAQs

What makes BioCare's live bacteria special?

BioCare’s award-winning live bacteria stand out for their potency, effectiveness, and exceptional stability. The unique LAB4 complex, comprised of human strain live bacteria, ensures stability, gut effectiveness, and acid resistance, as demonstrated in scientific studies.

The product range includes dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, with various doses available in capsules and powders, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse needs.

Which multivitamin is suitable for me?

BioCare offers a diverse range of multivitamins in various forms, including liquids, powders, and capsules. Tailored for general dietary support and specific nutritional requirements for women, men, and children, the multivitamin category provides an extensive selection. For personalized advice, individuals can contact BioCare’s Clinical Nutrition team.

How can I ensure the purity of BioCare's fish oil?

BioCare’s commitment to purity involves careful harvesting of anchovies and sardines, low on the food chain, to minimize contaminants. Rigorous purification processes result in oil with unparalleled purity.

Antioxidants like natural mixed tocopherols and sometimes vitamin C are employed to protect EFAs like EPA and DHA from peroxidation. The Multox antioxidant system ensures minimal peroxidation, maintaining freshness and purity during daily use.

Can live bacteria be taken during pregnancy?

BioCare’s live bacteria are suitable for use during pregnancy, with AnteNatal BioFlora being the only one backed by a clinical trial demonstrating safety for both mother and baby.

Look for the ‘suitable for pregnancy’ label on supplements deemed safe during pregnancy.

Which live bacteria suits an individual?

BioCare’s wide-ranging live bacteria, available in capsules and powders with varying potencies, cater to diverse needs, including children.

Best-sellers like BioAcidophilus and higher-strength options like BioAcidophilus Forte or Replete Intensive offer choices. Special formulations for children, such as Children’s Banana or Strawberry BioAcidophilus powder, provide suitable options.

For personalized recommendations, individuals can consult BioCare’s Clinical Nutrition team.

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