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About Revital UK

Revital, with over 25 years of unwavering commitment to well-being, takes individuals on a transformative journey towards a healthier and happier life. As a trusted hub for health-conscious consumers, Revital offers an extensive range of products from popular brands, including Altrient, Wild Nutrition, Lamberts, Optibac, Pharma Nord, BioCare, and New Roots Herbal.

In the Revital online store, customers can explore a diverse array of health solutions, including vitamins and supplements, wholesome food and drinks, beauty products for hair and body, cosmetics, skincare essentials, aromatherapy, toiletries, and an abundant selection of healthy snacks.
Revital aims to inspire customers to embrace holistic well-being by discovering amazing offers from their favorite health brands. The brand’s vision for a healthier and happier world is embodied in its comprehensive approach to health, encompassing not only supplements but also beauty and lifestyle products that cater to diverse needs.

With Revital, customers embark on a holistic journey, supported by a rich tapestry of health-focused offerings and a commitment to delivering the best in health and happiness.

And if you want to take your health and wellbeing journey to the next level, Revital offers personalized product advice from a team of specialists who can provide an unbiased view of what the brand can offer you for your own unique needs.

Customers can engage in direct conversations with Revital’s knowledgeable and qualified team members by scheduling a video call through the online calendar. The team, experienced in supplement expertise, offers free 35-minute consultations, and extended 50-minute sessions (£25, currently complimentary as an introductory offer).

With the flexibility to turn off the camera during the video call, customers receive expert advice on selecting the right products for their individual needs. While there is no obligation to make a purchase, customers can conveniently place orders for desired products during the consultation.

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Revital UK FAQs

How does the Revital Rewards Loyalty Points program work?

For every £1 spent at Revital, customers earn 1 Reward Point. Upon accumulating 100 points, they receive £5 to spend on their next purchase. Points can be earned not only through purchases but also by signing up and referring friends to Revital.

How do I redeem Reward Points?

Redeeming Reward Points is easy. Simply accumulate points and redeem them at checkout. All Reward Points remain valid for a year and can be utilized as part of the full payment for your order.

It’s important to note that reward points are for online use only and cannot be redeemed in-store.

Does Revital offers products to help deal with stress?

Yes, Revital are stockists of a range of Magnesium-based products that come in tablet or capsule formula and are specially formulated to help deal with the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

What health goals can Revital help me with?

Due to Revital’s extensive range of health and wellbeing products from some of the top brands on the market, Revital caters for most health goals. These include immunity care, energy levels, joint health, skin care, stress, digestion, fertility, fitness, diets, brain health, detox programs, and heart care.

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