Amazon gift cards

A company that was founded initially as an online bookstore, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer. Customers can purchase almost anything, including beauty products, clothing, books, movies, jewelry, collectibles, electronics, pet supplies, and tens of thousands of other products from the comfort of their homes.

Amazon Gift Cards can be redeemed against millions of eligible goods, products, and services at The card is pre-loaded with a specified amount of money and can be presented as an e-card or as a physical card.

There is almost no limit to what you can purchase on Amazon using a gift card. Plus, Amazon gift cards have no expiry date and come in multiple denominations to choose from.


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  1. Amazon gift cards can be purchased in physical or digital form.
  2. The card can be purchased with a pre-loaded amount.
  3. The card can be given in person, via email, or by post.
  4. The card has a code that must be entered into the recipient’s account.
  5. The recipient can then use the amount to purchase any item on Amazon. has tens of millions of products and services to choose from, many of them at reduced or discounted prices. From your weekly groceries, books, movies, and music to new electric appliances and digital goods. An Amazon gift card is the door to a whole world of new shopping experiences.

  1. The card cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or any other payment method.
  2. You may not use a gift card as a means of payment to a third party away from Amazon.
  3. Amazon gift cards cannot be used to fulfill sales or fund purchases to resell or export goods or services.
  4. Cards may not be used to purchase certain ineligible items such as collectible coins or other gift cards.
  5. You may not transfer a gift card to another account once the code has been redeemed.
  6. You cannot use a gift card for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.

Amazon gift cards do not expire, but they may become inactive after a period of disuse. That period will change from country to country, the date of purchase, and the card’s value. Cards usually become inactive if not used within a two-year period from the date of purchase.

There is no fee to purchase an Amazon gift card. Cards come in various denominations from $15 to $100. Simply purchase the card for the required value and that’s it.

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