Valentine’s Day makeup looks: a stunning red eyeshadow look

Welcome back! As promised, we have collected more of these impressive Valentine’s Day makeup looks for your inspiration. This time, it’s a show stopping red eyeshadow and winged eyeliner look that will turn you into the queen that you truly are.

This look was created by a TikTok makeup artist called neslismakeup_ and while we can’t sadly teach you how to do it any better than she does it, we can definitely provide you with some tips and a list of products you can use to recreate this Valentine’s Day makeup look.

Valentine’s Day Makeup by neslismakeup_

This is a truly stunning Valentine’s Day look dominated by a winged eyeliner and red eyeshadow that creates a bold statement makeup. And while it might look difficult to master it at a glance, after a few tries we bet anyone can get it just right. After all, practicing your makeup look beforehand is sort of a wellness session, so why not allow yourself a much-needed self-time, right?

Continue reading this article on how to do this V-Day makeup look and what products you can use to create it.

The artist in the video is seen using a primer, a foundation, a highlighter, a concealer, and a bronzer. While it might seem like a lot of product, the clever use of them in strategic points create a sculpted, sun-kissed look. What’s more, we bet that you already have most of the needed products! If you don’t, though, or would like to try out new products, here are our top choices below.

Once your face is readied for further makeup, let’s start creating it by applying a bit of red eyeshadow in the corner of your eye and drawing just the wing part of your eyeliner.

Here are our choices of products to be used in this stage of your makeup.

With the previous part successfully finished (hopefully), next take a dab or that same red eyeshadow and blend it into your eyeliner towards the inner corner of your eyes. Grab a bit of eyeliner and contour the inner corner, too. Now, for a real show stopping effect, grab a bit of glittery red eyeshadow and apply it to the center of the eyeliner and fill in the lid with luminescent white.

Don’t forget to finish up your makeup with mascara, setting powder and a bold matching lip. You can even opt out to wear falsies with this look, to make it even bolder! Here’s our top choices for products to be used at this stage.

Et Voila! Your Valentine’s Day Makeup look is finished; now go and flaunt it anywhere you like it, even if it’s the comfort of your cozy sofa—you’ll rock it anywhere!

And if you’d like to see more of these amazing Valentine’s Day makeup looks, check out our blog. 

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