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6 Best headphones for kids

headphones for kids

Children now need headphones as an indispensable tool in the quickly changing digital world. They aren’t just an accessory, but rather an access to abundant audio adventures, educational materials, and entertainment. When picking the best headphones for kids, it’s important to always prioritize children’s safety, comfort, and age-appropriate features in addition to audio quality.

We’ve chosen the best headphones for kids in this article based on their usefulness and security features. These headphones are made to offer safe and entertaining listening experiences for children of all ages, with vivid designs that capture young imaginations and volume-limiting technology that protects young ears from excessive noise. Here, we will examine headphones made to promote a child’s love of music, education, and entertainment while ensuring their well-being remains paramount. 

Check out our choices a bit further down, read their descriptions, and see which headphones would suit your kids the best!

How to shop for best headphones for kids

Wait for sales 

The best time to get a good set of kids’ headphones would be a sale, of course. The prices might drop a solid percentage down, and you get to purchase the best choice for the lowest price. Sign in to the brand or vendor newsletter to always stay on top of their sales! 

Use cashback to save anytime 

If you aren’t the one to wait around for sales and your kid needed their headphones yesterday, you might want to look at cashback offers, just like the ones you get while shopping via Monetha. You simply have to sign up and enjoy cashback (and savings!) with each of your purchases.

Shop for quality, not for brand names 

Although famous brand names might seem a bit more trustworthy than some lesser-known ones, they do come with their own price tag. That said, those very same lesser-known brands might be offering exactly the same or very similar products compared to branded ones. Therefore, if you want to save on your purchases, it might be a good idea to search around for alternatives that are much cheaper while offering the same quality.

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Explore+

Price: 27.95 USD (up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: These award-winning headphones are tailored for kids and renowned for their innovative design and safety features. The headphones prioritize your child’s hearing health with built-in volume-limiting circuitry, ensuring audio never exceeds the WHO-recommended level of 85dB. Crafted with hypoallergenic, durable materials, BuddyPhones offer comfort for kids, making them suitable for extended wear.

These headphones bring convenience to young explorers with features like a foldable headband, detachable cable with microphone and call/playback button, and BuddyJack audio splitter. Designed for ages 3-10, they feature vibrant, child-friendly designs and the ability for up to four headphones to connect to a single device, promoting shared listening experiences. Moreover, each pair comes with decorative stickers for kids to customize to their hearts’ content, making safe audio an engaging and enjoyable experience.

BuddyPhones stand by their durability, backed by rigorous testing, and offer customer service support to assist with troubleshooting, repairs, or replacements.

What people are saying: These seem to fit best and our little one likes the look of them.

JLab JBuddies Studio Wired Over-Ear Kids Headphones

Price: 23.75 USD (up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: Over Ear design of JBuddies headphones, featuring eco-leather cushions and a padded headband suitable for children of all ages, offer a comfortable all-day wearing experience. These headphones not only offer style but also prioritize performance, incorporating safe-volume control with built-in regulators to ensure audio never exceeds 85dB while maintaining JLab’s high-performance sound standards.

The tangle-free, braided-nylon cord is complete with an in-line microphone for calls and audio playback control. The 90-degree jack accommodates all devices and cases, and the adjustable headband ensures a snug fit for kids aged 6-16 as they grow. Each package includes JBuddies Studio Headphones with volume regulation, a stainless steel headband with plush memory foam cushion, an in-line universal microphone with track control, and Cloud Foam cushions for endless comfort.

With 40mm drivers and a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, these headphones provide exceptional audio quality. Plus, they come with JLab’s 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

What people are saying: “These are great for kids, clear sound and a nice comfortable fit.”

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Kids Bluetooth On Ear Headphones Wireless / Wired

Price: 14.80 USD (up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: Custom-made for kids while prioritizing quality, user-friendliness, and comfort during transitions between home and school. These on-ear headphones feature built-in volume-limiting controls and hypoallergenic PU leather ear pads, ensuring both hearing protection and extended comfort for young users.

With multi-device connectivity via wireless Bluetooth 4.2 or the BuddyLink audio jack, these headphones offer flexibility for various devices, maintaining uninterrupted audio playback even on low battery thanks to the dual connection feature. Designed for ages 2 to 10, they deliver superior audio quality and flexibility for an immersive experience, making them the perfect companions for the back-to-school season and educational purposes

What people are saying: the sound is perfect for little ones, the settings are easy to change and directions are easy to understand.”

JLab JBuddies Play Gaming Wireless Kids Headset

Price: 63.92 USD (up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: These headphones prioritize safety with a built-in volume regulator, ensuring kids never exceed 85db, safeguarding their hearing. The JBuddies Play Gaming Headset offers wireless Bluetooth freedom, providing over 22 hours of playtime for uninterrupted gaming sessions and comfortable cushioned support. A retractable boom microphone enables seamless communication with teammates or convenient storage when gaming solo.

Optimized for gaming, these headphones feature Bluetooth 5 with aptX and ultra-low 60ms latency, delivering clear vocals and spatial awareness. The AUX console cord offers zero-latency gaming on systems like PS4, Xbox, Switch, or PC. For music enthusiasts, they double as Bluetooth headphones with over 22 hours of playtime and easy recharging. The retractable boom microphone ensures effortless communication with friends, featuring a quick mute button for convenience during calls or gaming.

What people are saying: “My son loves them and wants me to order more.”

Play+ Kids Headphones With Volume Limiting For Toddlers

Price: 42.15 USD (with up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: These kid-friendly headphones come with a unique sharing port, allowing one side to connect to your media device and the other to a second set of headphones, creating a daisy chain for multiple kids to enjoy synchronized listening.

With safety as the most important feature, these headphones have built-in volume limitation to protect young ears, ensuring a comfortable and safe listening experience. Designed to perfectly fit children aged 3-8, these headphones are lightweight and feature soft, comfortable earpads for extended wear.

While prioritizing safety, they don’t compromise on audio quality, offering premium sound with 40mm drivers providing a range of 20Hz to 20kHz, delivering a rich audio experience. Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, they are built to withstand the active play of kids and are designed to last.

What people are saying: “Perfect fit for my little one! Ordered for school.

Altec Lansing Over The Ears Kids Headphones

Price: 45.99 USD (with up to 1.9% cashback)

Our take: These fun and comfortable kids’ headphones prioritize both sound quality and safety. Besides being perfect for children in the design department they also provide high-quality sound, making them ideal for use with kids’ laptops, phones, and computers for various occasions. Equipped with a 3.5MM stereo jack, you won’t have to worry about disconnections, unlike Bluetooth alternatives. These headphones deliver crystal clear sound for movies and music, ensuring an enjoyable experience during long car rides or plane trips.

Stylish and comfortable, these headphones provide a hassle-free listening experience, perfect for classroom use or as PC headphones. They make an excellent gift for tech-savvy children, and their volume-limiting feature and wired design ensures fantastic ear protection for kids with developing hearing. 

What people are saying: “Still going strong despite lots of use and rough handling!”

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