Beat the heat: 6 best ways to stay cool in hot weather

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Remember when we told you that the Summer is nearing its end? Well, we’re sorry, as it seems it has decided to stay on a tad longer! 

While some of us rejoice in the prolonged period of plentiful sun rays, others are looking for ways to escape the relentless heat. If you’re in the latter category, we bet you’ll find our latest boosted cashback Deals of the Week package just the thing to get you through what remains of the season.

From water dispensers to vitamins and from refreshing drinks to weighted blankets for a relaxing sleep to high-tech coolers – we have all you need to beat the heat. One thing, though, just as the heat, these deals won’t stay for long, so scroll on down below, check out the deals, and get the items you need now!

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A wellness company dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through innovative products focused on nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. Just what you need to beat the heat!

2.2% 6.4% back


A British company renowned for its high-quality teas and coffees (suitable to be enjoyed hot or cold!) offering a cool range of premium beverages and accessories.

6.1% 18.1% back


Zonli is recognized for its weighted blankets designed to provide comfort and relaxation by applying gentle pressure, promoting better sleep and reducing anxiety - just what we need for those hot summer nights.

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Stylish and eco-friendly reusable water bottles that combine fashion-forward designs with advanced insulation technology to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods.

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Italians know how to beat the heat and they know how to make the best coffee! You can have it the same way too with De’Longhi coffee machines.

Evaporative Cooler, Portable

Price: 299 USD (with up to 9.1% cashback)

Our take:  This compact cooler transforms warm air into a refreshing breeze, thanks to its built-in ionizer and a dash of water magic. Speed things up with the included ice pack for an extra chill. With adjustable settings and a nifty remote control, you’re in control of the cooling party. Best for drier climates, but it’s ready to bring the breeze anywhere.


  • Refreshment by water evaporation both indoors and outdoors
  • Ice block for boosted cooling included in the package
  • Built-in ioniser and anti-dust filter for better air quality
  • Low-noise cooling when on Sleep mode
  • Foldable castors offer high moveability

Z-Magic Cooling Comforter

Price: 127 USD (with up to 18.1% cashback)

Our take: One thing we hate about the hot Summer nights is… the heat! However, you can easily beat it with the Cooling Comforter from Zonli. Yup, no more sleeping in wet t-shirts and you can even invite your pets to enjoy the coolness, as Zonli’s Comforter material is pet hair repellent. 


  • Moisture-wicking & Machine washable
  • Constantly cool and with a soft, silky touch
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic due to use of 100% organic bamboo materials
  • Cooling tech – a cooling fiber produced out of natural mineral materials is used to create this blanket
  • Safety -Z-magic is OEKO-TEX® certified and Zonli-tested for long-term safety
  • Pet Friendly – invite your pets over, as Zonli materials repels pet hair

AirCell Cooling Pillow

Price: 89 USD (with up to 18.1% cashback)

Our take: Since you now have a cooling comforter, why not get the whole package with a cooling pillow? AirCell’s Cooling Pillow won’t find you searching for that coveted cooler side – you can now sleep comfortably no matter the temperature in your room, without the constant flipping.


  • Cool and breathable – a special honeycomb structure provides 360° heat rejection
  • For back sleepers or side sleepers – doesn’t matter which one you prefer!
  • Ultra flexible and supportive for maximum comfort
  • Made from non-toxic, recycled materials
  • Although it is washable by hand only, it is easy to dry and durable

Cold Brew Collection

Price: 29 USD (with up to 6.4% cashback)

Our take: A huge mug of cold tea is the epitome of Summer. However, if you’re getting bored with your old recipe, why not try something from Whittards cold brew range? They have Watermelon, Strawberry & Lime; Passionfruit, Mango & Peach; Pink Grapefruit; Blackcurrant & Blueberry and all of these taste combos are pure excellence. Sugar free and natural for tasty hydration!

40oz Green Jasper Traveler

Price: 50 USD (with up to 7.3% cashback)

Our take: This isn’t just a water bottle; it might be the ultimate water bottle. Sleek design, comfortable to hold and drink from, The Traveler is perfect no matter the beverage of your choice – water, coffee, or tea. 


  • New slimmer design to fit into most cup holders 
  • Contoured fit for any hand with soft-touch silicone handle for easy carrying
  • Due to Therma-S’well® Technology with triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, The traveler keeps cold beverages icy, and hot ones warm
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel
  • BPA/BPS-free and reusable
  • Hand-wash recommended

BioChef Atlas Pro Whole Slow Juicer

Price: 209 USD (Save 20% with coupon: V4L200FF + with up to 7.7% cashback)

Our take: Do you like to hydrate and get a dose of fresh vitamins at the same time? The slow juicer is just what you might be looking for. Although extremely powerful, the BioChef Atlas Pro juicer is very quiet, but that’s not all – it can produce up to 40 liters of juice per hour! 


  • Improved design
  • Strong 300W Max Rated Power induction motor and next generation auger
  • Wide feed chute to juice whole fruits and vegetables
  • Continuous juicing for up to 60 minutes
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Fine, coarse, and sorbet strainers
  • 5 year warranty
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