The Best Cash Back Apps to Earn More Money When Shopping

Getting the best cash back apps makes it easy and convenient to have money back on just about anything you buy. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get a few extra dollars back each month or want to make the most of your occasional big-ticket purchases, there are a few fantastic options to choose from.

These apps have seen a sudden rise in the past few years. Consumers are savvier than ever, and millions are not taking advantage of such offers. If they spend money on a brand, they want something in return. Now is the time to cash in on them!

We have compiled the best cash back apps you can use for free and earn money each time you shop. If you want to be rewarded for your spending, there is undoubtedly an app that can help you with that.

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Ibotta – the best for daily home purchases and grocery shopping

Ibotta is a free app that helps to pay for groceries and daily purchases (if you’d like to find more apps to earn cash back on grocery shopping click here). It has partnered with over 1,500 brands of everyday household items, including groceries and cosmetics.

You can use the Ibotta app whether you are shopping in person, online, in-app, or even when dining out. Just sign up, search the app for promos you can use, and then upload a photo of your receipt once you complete a purchase.

And if you purchase a gift card from a partner retailer, you can earn up to 10% cash back on the entire amount.


  • Flexible offers on general shopping categories make it easier to take advantage of promos on any type of purchase.
  • You can cash out your savings at any time.
  • The processing time for getting your money back is usually within 24 hours.


  • Requires users to download the app. Accessing their site through a browser will not allow transactions.
  • Some offers require users to watch an ad to activate it.
  • Ibotta charges users who do not cash out their balance after six months.

Rakuten – The best for retail shopping

The app formerly known as Ebates has more than 3,000 store partners through which you can save money and earn as you shop. You can use their app or website to start earning money with your purchases.

Users can choose from a long list of associated stores or download the Rakuten browser extension to receive notifications as they shop in a partner store. There are also promo codes on offer for certain purchases.

Rakuten disburses cash back rewards via PayPal or a check, so transactions are all electronic and automated.


  • Rakuten gives all users a $10 signup bonus and a $25 referral bonus when friends or family open an account and make their first purchase.
  • You can get money back for payments as low as $5.
  • The vast number of affiliate stores ensures more transactions and more opportunities for rewards.


  • Rakuten does not pay users back for returned items.
  • Rakuten cannot be used in the European Union member countries.

Dosh – The best for travel and dining out

If you love to travel and dine out, Dosh is the cash back app that is perfect for your lifestyle. You can link your credit or debit card to the app and reap rewards when you book hotels, dine, or shop (if you’re looking for ways to save while traveling, make sure you check out our blog post about earning cash back on hotels).

All rewards are deposited into the app wallet and can be transferred to your bank account, Venmo, PayPal, or donated to charity. To cash out, you must have a minimum balance of $25 in your Dosh wallet.

Dosh’s partnerships with over 10,000 stores, hotels, restaurants, and other merchants mean each purchase will give you something in return!


  • The required minimum payout is relatively low ($25), and you can easily request payouts anytime.
  • Their affiliates are diverse in terms of services, merchandise, and brands. Their most popular partners include Nordstrom, Microsoft, Disney, Walmart, and Target.
  • They have partnered with many hotels and restaurants, perfect for those who love to travel.


  • The app is only available in the United States and can only be integrated with certain credit and debit card companies.
  • Very few partners and affiliates accept in-store cash back.

Fetch Rewards – The best for all kinds of shopping establishments

This app can be used for any transaction in groceries, convenience stores, restaurants, and other shopping establishments. You do not need to select promo codes or offers when you shop, and you can redeem your earnings as cash or gift cards from retailers.

Fetch Rewards only requires users to upload or scan receipts within 14 days. You must link the receipt through email or submit it as an e-receipt by taking a photo of it. Simply uploading the receipt will earn you points in the system!

Users must earn a minimum of 3,000 points before cashing out. $1 is equal to 1,000 points, so you can cash out payments for as low as $3.


  • The app is easy to use and requires no selection of promo codes or special offers from participating stores.
  • Uploading a receipt is easy within the app—it only takes a few seconds.
  • Gift card redemptions are quick and easy.


  • Limited points are rewarded for certain transactions.
  • There is no option to redeem earnings as cash back, only as gift cards or donations to charities. – The best for shoppers with no loyalty store cards offers thousands of downloadable and printable coupons you can use in stores. There is also a cash back feature where users can earn rewards after a purchase.

You can simply browse the website or app and activate the offers you want to use. Then, make your purchase at the store of your choice and take a photo of the receipt. You can link your store account to or just upload your receipt and wait for approval. Once the transaction is verified, you can get your money back in your verified PayPal account.


  • Get a $5 signup bonus once you redeem your first coupon in the app.
  • There is no cashout minimum, so you can receive any amount of your earnings and see it reflected on your PayPal account. You can redeem payments as low as $0.50.
  • There are many different ways to earn rewards within the app.


  • Cash back offers and discounts have different methods that can only be done on different platforms. The rewards can only be completed through the app, while redeeming coupons can only be done through the website.
  • There is no barcode scanner to check product eligibility for in-store cash back offers.

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Capital One Shopping – The best for discount and bargain hunters

For those who love to shop but still want to save as much money as possible, Capital One Shopping offers discounts from major retailers, along with coupon codes and notifications for price drops for items you’re interested in.

With the free app, you can earn shopping credits when you shop online. You don’t have to look up special deals or offers before you go shopping—the app’s extension does all the searching for you.

You can use the shopping credits program to redeem your points as store gift cards.



  • The app gives users access to many different types of shopping deals.
  • You can use the mobile and desktop versions for your transactions.
  • The Capitol One Shopping Credits rewards are available for in-store purchases and online shopping.



  • The coupons on offer sometimes do not work as promised.
  • To use the app, you must have a United States address.
  • The app collects users’ data.


BeFrugal – The best for online shopping

This app has 5,000 partner retailers all over the country, so users can receive money back on various purchases. They offer thousands of coupons, promo codes, and rebates that help users earn cash rewards—up to 40% of what they spent.

If a promo code or coupon doesn’t work, the app will give $5 to users who cannot apply the promo successfully.  They also challenge users to find other sites that can beat their rates. If you can find a better deal online, BeFrugal will offer to match the other site’s promo and give you an additional 25%.

New users are given a $10 signup bonus, and they have a referral program in which users can earn $10 for each friend or family member who earns more than $10 within a year.



  • There is no minimum payment threshold, so users can cash out their earnings whenever they want.
  • Many different ways to save money: cash back, coupons, and promo codes.
  • Affiliated with 5,000 partner merchants.



  • Money back redemption takes a long time.
  • In-store purchases are not included in the cash back program.


Upside – The best for gasoline purchases

Here’s an app that will help you save money when you load up on gas. Upside offers money back for purchases in restaurants and grocery stores as well, but one of its best features is its partnership with gasoline stations all over the country.

Users can receive cash back of 25 cents per gallon when they load up their tanks. It may not sound like much, but given the rising gas prices, it’s a great way to save a bit of money.

The app also offers 35% discounts in restaurants and 15% on groceries, with no limitations on what you can purchase. You also do not have to wait very long to receive your reward. Once you begin earning, you can receive payments on your account.

PS: if you’re looking for options to save on gas, check out this list with the best cash back gas apps!



  • The app is free and does not require a lot of personal information upon signup.
  • Cashouts are relatively quick, and cash is sent to your wallet after a few days. They also have multiple options to receive your payouts, such as PayPal, check, or gift cards.
  • There are no limits on what you can buy when grocery shopping or dining out.



  • Coverage can be limited in some areas.
  • Cash payments are not accepted. Users must have a debit or credit card to take advantage of the promos and discounts on offer.


MyPoints – The best for people who work online

With MyPoints, users can collect points from various affiliate stores and merchants and use those points to exchange for prizes or cash. It is one of the oldest rewards programs and original cash back apps that is still active today. Since 2004, they have cashed out $230 million to their users.

This program offers up to 40% of what you spent from stores like Target and Home Depot. You can also earn points by watching videos, doing internet searches, answering surveys, reading emails, or printing coupons.



  • The app offers users several ways to earn money and points.
  • The app does not require credit, debit, or bank information from users.
  • Users can cash out and receive payments as soon as they start earning.



  • Payouts for coupons might take a long time to be credited.
  • The app is only available in the United States and Canada.
  • Their tracking system needs improvement, especially when it comes to surveys.


Swagbucks – The best for online gamers and digital nomads

Swagbucks is an internet search engine and a cash back website. It offers money back when users perform searches, participate in surveys, and purchase from certain ecommerce sites.

Users just need to visit the website, fill up the form, and provide their contact information. Upon completion of this initial process, users will receive a $5 signup bonus upfront. Users can then begin earning by using the search engine and the main website for daily online activities. You can earn points through simple activities like watching videos, searching for promo codes, and even referring your friends to sign up for Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is one of the few apps on this list that you can use anywhere, as long as you have a strong internet connection. The website is easy to access and earn from, whether you’re using a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.



  • Earn points and payments through various activities that don’t take too much time or energy.
  • The browser extension works well with other websites and apps.
  • In-store cash back are on offer.



  • Limited points are rewarded for activities.
  • The payouts may not be substantial enough for those looking for big amounts.
  • Payments may take a long time to be redeemed.

Want to know more about Swagbucks? Then check out our review article about Swagbucks!


Find Apps that Suit Your Needs

Cash back apps offer various ways to earn cash and rewards, such as signup bonuses, member referrals, cash rewards for shopping at specific retailers, and even money back on each purchase from their affiliates. Some of the best apps also offer bonus opportunities to earn even more money, such as by completing surveys or watching videos.

It’s a challenge to save money in these times. The global economic situation is looking dire, but even so, consumers still have many options to leverage their everyday spending habits and earn while shopping. With these apps, consumers can automatically earn back a certain percentage with each purchase, essentially earning money even as they spend it on their basic needs.

Many cash back apps are currently available, and you can try out as many as you want. Just make sure you download legitimate apps that will give you all the promised rewards. Be very careful where you provide your financial information, and do your due diligence before signing up for any program.


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A cash back app is a program you can download onto your desktop or mobile device. These apps offer rebates and discounts for on-site or online purchases or transactions from affiliated stores or partners.

Some of these apps also offer promo codes and coupons that users will have to claim before the discount is applied to their purchases. Other apps allow users to earn points for each purchase that can be converted to cash, exchanged for gift cards from partner merchants, or used as discounts for future purchases.

Most cash back apps are free and do not require monthly dues or paid subscriptions. However, some require linking to the user’s bank account, credit, or debit card.

Users need to download the app and make a purchase in one of their partner stores or affiliated business partners. Once the purchase is completed, the user will receive a percentage return of what they spent.

Cash back apps and websites are profitable because the companies affiliated with them use a form of direct marketing that targets their audience through the app. Instead of spending money on expensive advertising strategies, they partner with cash back apps and encourage sales by giving offers, discounts, and other promos.

Users who love a good deal receive payments for their product loyalty and enjoy exclusive gifts and discounts from the app and the affiliated store.

The amount of money back you can receive depends on what kind of purchases you make regularly. If you do a lot of your everyday shopping in big retail stores such as Home Depot, Target, or Macy’s, you can receive more cash back when you use Ibotta, Rakuten, or Capital One Shopping apps. These apps offer the best deals and offers with these major retailers.

However, if you shop retail but also want to receive money back on your smaller purchases from convenience stores, tech stores, boutiques, and other smaller shops,, Fetch Rewards, and BeFrugal could offer you better deals and a higher cash back rates.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time shopping online, MyPoints offers several ways for users to earn points, credit card rewards, and cash back. Users do not need to purchase anything, but instead complete certain online activities that they already enjoy.

Ibotta, Rakuten, Capital One Shopping, and BeFrugal have very attractive online cash back programs.

Rakuten and Ibotta can help you earn more savings as you shop on Amazon, but you can also use Fetch Rewards, Shopkick, and Honey for other types of deals. With Capital One Shopping, you can browse for the best deals, while BeFrugal can give you more opportunities for cash back transactions because of the sheer number of its affiliates and partners.

It’s easier than ever to earn rewards, points, and money for everyday purchases. You just need to find the combination of apps and retailers that will get you the very best deals that will match your unique shopping habits.

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