Monetha Weekly #1 — Survive springtime festivities

Before we all dig into deviled eggs and consume one two many choco bunnies (okay, let’s be fair – copious amounts of choco bunnies, #NoRegrets), we first have to make sure our bodies are prepared to keep up with all of that. Think of it like cleansing the palate after an Amuse Bouche and before the main course. Thankfully, just before the Easter Weekend, on April 7th, we have World Health Day — an absolutely excellent chance to take care of yourself and prepare for the choco bunny attack.

Food for thought — do you think unsold choco Santas get remolded to choco bunnies?

Anyway, let’s circle back to World Health Day. Although each of us has our own idea of taking care of or pampering ourselves, we’ve also made this nifty little list of merchants and products of the week that might fall right into place with your self-love plans. So, without delving too much into Santas turning into bunnies, let’s check them out, shall we?

All deals are valid until April 9th

Shops of the week

Here we’ve selected three merchants of the week that might have just the things you need for an all-in wellness session.


1.6% 3.2% cashback

Vitacost is, basically, a supplement and health products heaven! To be more specific, though, it is an online retailer of health and wellness products, providing an award-winning experience to customers through its website.

From organically-sourced health foods to stuff that makes you sleep like a baby — you’ll find your own version 2.0 here. No promises, just facts!


6.4% 12.8% cashback

Did anybody say beauty products for the price of a choco bunny? Yup, Strawberrynet has over 800 international beauty brands with more than 36.000 products for the absolute best prices around. With it, it’s always discount day!

So, why not feel and look your best for World Health Day, right?

Lime Crime

4% 8% cashback

The name! It rhymes! And although LimeCrime is the least offensive cosmetics brand with 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free products that aim to inspire and self-express, we cannot believe their criminally low prices. So yeah, check it out and treat yo’ self to a new skincare routine!

Products of the week

If choosing from merchants and brands is a little bit too much of an effort for you right now, we’ve also highlighted a couple of products that tie very well with our little wellness topic.

The Body Shop — Sleep Relaxing Massage Oil

4.8% 9.6% cashback

Nothing is more refreshing than a good night’s sleep — no need to argue here! However, with all the stress of work and the upcoming Easter festivities, you might find yourself in need of a bit of outside help to truly relax and get that much-needed 8-hour snooze.

Enter The Body Shop’s Sleep Relaxing Massage Oil! You’re sure to relax after a little massage session with this non-greasy, non-sticky, heavenly-smelling oil and wake up not only refreshed but with silky soft skin, too. What’s not to like?

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

1.6% 3.2% cashback

The wellness tracker you might’ve been looking for a while now, and this one truly is a game-changer. Besides the regular health tracker functions like heart rate, steps, calories, and the like, you’ll also find other nifty things like sleep monitoring, All-day SpO2 data, and VO2 max professional workout analysis.

And if you’re still a bit skeptical about all this fitness and wellness tracking thing, just try it, and you’ll soon be crushing goals you’ve never thought to be capable of. Scout’s word!

Monzana Cold Press Juicer Pro-Vitamin 500W

7.2% 14.4% cashback

Now that you have all your supplements sorted out got a session of deeply refreshing night’s sleep, and have started tracking your daily activity, it is time to get some good quality fuel into your body. And here’s a gadget just for that — the Monzana Cold Press Juicer.

Yup, it’s the kind where you get all of the good stuff from your fruit! And, besides all the benefits you’ll get by imbibing your daily portion of freshly-squeezed juice, you’ll also enjoy the fact that you can throw this juicer straight into a dishwasher — bye-bye to scrubbing the sticky little bits of fruit!

Nice picks, huh? Before you go, we’d also like to share some news about the Monetha app with you, so…

What’s New?

Remember the times when you opened the Monetha app and only saw a list of merchants? Well, those times are gone, because now your feed isn’t for merchants only but also for separate items!

What’s so cool about it?

Well, now you’ll be able to look at items without having to visit a store or brand website. What’s even cooler is that the algorithm will improve with your use of the app and will select items and products you’ll truly like.

Awesome sauce!

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