Monetha Weekly #2 — A magical number

April 13th will be written into history as the day of Monetha’s second Deals of the Week article. That’s right; these deals are so good that it is like witnessing a historical event happen in front of you. And you can take part in this grand occasion, too!

But what’s a historical event without a happy outcome? One that is quickly forgotten and never to be mentioned again. That’s why all of our Deals of the Week come with double the usual cashback, and that’s what we call a joyous occasion!

So, ready to check out what we have in store for you?

Shops of the week

Magical 2x cashback until the next Thursday, April 20th.

Marshall Headphones

4% 8% cashback

What’s a more iconic sound system than Marshall? After all, it’s Marshall that supplied the sound in the legendary Woodstock festival, and it is Marshall that amplified the voices of the most iconic musicians ever. And with their 60th anniversary this year, Marshall has some pretty cool deals and unique merchandise to mark the occasion.

So, what’s stopping you from purchasing a piece of music’s history? Definitely not the double cashback we’re offering on Marshall merchandise this week!


4% 8% cashback

Kinguin is entertainment in its purest form! Here you can get global video game keys for a Steam online gaming platform, as well as other platforms such as PS Store, Xbox, Nintendo, and many more. 

Did we mention that those video game keys usually come with a heavily reduced price? We didn’t? Well then, now you know, and besides the reduced price, you also get double the cashback this week.

By the way, Kinguin will certainly have the games you want — from The Last Of Us to Hogwarts Legacy, everything is there!

4.4% 8.8% cashback

Fancy a stay in Bangkok (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter!) for a price that’s cheap as chips? Oh, and with a double cashback, too? Then is the website you want to check. After all, it’s where your journey starts. offers a wide array of hotels in every corner of the Earth, plane tickets to get you there, trains to travel around, cars to rent wherever you are, tickets to local attractions, and offers bundle deals. Add our double cashback to that, and the world is your oyster!

Products of the week

Same magic, but on selected products. Shwabaroom!

NordVPN — 12 months

32% 64% cashback

It’s not an item but a service, but what a service it is! By now, you might’ve heard about the undeniable perks that a Virtual Private Network or VPN offers, but maybe you haven’t tried it yet.

So, now’s the time! NordVPN offers multi-layered browsing security plans as well as the most trustworthy VPN services around. 

And, besides our double cashback offer this week, NordVPN is also offering some pretty awesome deals on its own accord.

iRobot i4 EVO

3.2% 6.4% cashback

You know what’s better than a clean house? A house that cleans itself! And no, this isn’t some sort of a fantasy, but a definite reality with the iRobot i4 EVO Roomba vacuum. 

By the way, this model’s predecessor was named the best robot vacuum by Wirecutter at the end of the year, so we bet that the iRobot i4 EVO Roomba is even better. How else could it be!

By the way, it’s on sale right now, and combined with our double cashback offer, it’s definitely a deal of the year.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

7.2% 14.4% cashback

If you’re hanging out in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you’ve already had the chance to enjoy sunny spring days and the pleasantly warm weather it brings. But, although we’ve all missed the sun during winter, you gotta remember to protect yourself (and your eyes!) from those pesky UVA/UVB rays.

So, why not do it in style with these absolutely iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses that Tim Roth was wearing in Reservoir Dogs?

Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy double cashback on your stylish purchase, too!

What’s New?

We are delivering more and more surveys to you where you can earn points.

Points = gift cards, crypto, and all the fun!

Wait, who the hell is the guy on the cover? 

If you are asking this question, I can make the cover look 2x funnier (same as the cashback increase on our tops — magic!).

Just watch the video below.

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