Monetha Weekly #3 — Super Bonus

Hey! Miss the Deals of the Week already? Well, you’re in luck, as you’re about to unveil the best deals we have had so far. That is, they’re always excellent, but we’re really relying here on the fact that the third time’s always the charm, and with this colorful selection of shops and products (and a fun Mario-related bonus!), we’re sure to really hit the sweet spot.

So, ready to take a look at our third roster of Deals of the Week? Sure you are, so scroll down below, and prepare to double your cashback with these sweet, sweet promos.

Shops of the week

2x cashback until the next Thursday, ⏰ April 27th.

4.8% 9.6% cashback

In for some delicious deals for video games? is the keyword, then! is a trustworthy digital distribution platform for video games and movies, and you can find such gems as Assassin’s Creed, Diablo, and plenty of Indie games for unbeatable prices.

Add our double cashback promo, and you will get yourself one tasty deal.


8% 16% cashback

Name a more iconic skater/fashion statement shoe than Vans; we’ll wait.

Yup, we thought so; there aren’t any! And this week, you get to refurbish your wardrobe (shoedrobe? bootrobe?) not only with the awesome deals on the Vans website but also our double cashback promo.

After all, there’s never a wrong time to get yourself a fresh pair of kicks.


1.6% 3.2% cashback

Right, so we all dream about a smart home where everything cleans itself, and the food is prepared without you having to move a finger.

We also wish to monitor our health and fitness and have a phone with the best camera to capture all the precious moments. Well, Xiaomi has all that, and they are a part of our Deals of the Week roster.

So, pick whichever gadget you need to make your life that much easier, and enjoy double cashback after purchasing it!

Products of the week

Now, if you’re in search of something a bit more specific, here’s our selection of products for this week.

Honor Earbuds 3 PRO

8% 16% cashback

You don’t leave your house without a tune to set the mood? Cannot work unless there’s a melody to soothe you?

Well then, you might be in need of Honor Earbuds 3 PRO. Thankfully, they’re on our list this week, right? Ergonomic, light, and comfortable design, unbeatable sound system, 5-minute charge period for 2-hour playtime, and all that for a price you just cannot beat.

And you know what? All reviews we’ve seen say they are better than Apple AirPods Pro.

Add our double cashback promo, and you have a solid Deal of the Week.

Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler

5.6% 11.2% cashback

A mobile, solar panel-powered mini fridge!

And who could imagine a nice picnic or a trip to the great outdoors without a mini fridge? Only some sort of wildlings, perhaps. Anyhoo, the Anker EverFrost will keep your food safely refrigerated for up to 42 hours, is super lightweight, and totally fits in any car.

It can also charge all the electronic devices you need outdoors: smartphones, drones, or even laptops!

Now, add our double cashback to its already great price, and start planning your trip to the wilderness (with mimosas and a chilled cheese platter).

1.5kg Bag of Personalized M&Ms Candy

10.4% 20.8% cashback

Yup, you read it right — a 1.5kg bag of personalized M&M candy!

It means that you get to choose your colors and your designs and perfect your candy to translate your message to the world.

Anyway, food is the straightest way to anyone’s heart, especially when we’re talking M&Ms.

So go get your bag and enjoy our double cashback with your purchase!

Super Bonus

And now, as if the deals weren’t already awesome, we present you with a bonus.

EVERYTHING Super Mario related from any of our stores comes with a double cashback this week.

Now that’s what we call celebrating a movie release in the right way!

For instance, you could get Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game pack for Nintendo Switch from Kinguin (4% 8% back), pre-order the Super Mario Bros. movie from Zavvi (4% 8% back), get Mario plushies and toys from AO (2% 4% back), or treat yourself with deluxe Super Mario PJs from (8% 16% back).

Yup, anything and everything Super Mario related from any of our stores will get you double rewards this week.

Important: After you purchase Super Mario Bros. products from Kinguin, AO, Zavvi, or any other shop – contact us via Monetha’s app or one of the social media channels with a message “Super Mario”, so we can apply double cashback for you!

Toodle-doo, and see you next week with more deals you couldn’t refuse!

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